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Pilyang Utak
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No pretensions. Perflexed but focus. Shy but independent. Loner but fearless..

Tags: thoughts, pinoy, reflections, tagalog quotes and rants, tagalog stories

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A Neophyte's Serendipity.
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This blog is a caboodle of the daily ramblings of a young boy and a grown man from Caloocan City, Philippines.

Tags: Rain Malicsi, Blogs, Thoughts, Rants, Quotes

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JOsang may Tumblr
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messy thoughts of a young lady turned into words. wanting to be better, to write something beautiful. my being is a riddle, few dared to guess who I really am. compilation of all views and opinions of mine.

Tags: qoutes, prose, longpost, faith, thoughts

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Beauty Product Reviews and Rants
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All about Fashion, Beauty, Product reviews for women, a Fashion and Beauty Blog, Beauty Products Review Blog

Tags: beauty, fashion, reviews, thoughts, rants

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That's Zoe
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That's Zoe is a blog of life advice based on life experiences of the author.

Tags: life advice, lifestyle, personal, blog, thoughts

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Statistics for FashionDIY101
Create & Recycle fashion. Blogs about thoughts, fashion & DIY.

Tags: Fashion, DIY, Design, Crafts, Thoughts

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Lifestyle Check 101
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Lifestyle Check 101 - a course on life. Reflect on your life through another man's eyes. Reality. Inspiration. Happiness.

Tags: life, thoughts, how-to guidelines, artisan jewelry, film review

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Live with Delight! :)
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We're a tandem of engineer/writer/student and IT-professional/photographer. We blog about music, entertainment, tech, travel, current and social events. we love combining the best of what we do in order to come up with articles that our readers enj

Tags: travel, thoughts, fun, friendships, tech

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Wish & Wear
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Join Adly Velasco as she embarks on the journey of life to fulfill her wishes and see what this registered nurse, aspiring writer, amateur photographer and food lover is wearing while she's at it.

Tags: personal style, food, photography, writing, thoughts

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Statistics for blair'samazingworld
Personal Things about me..

Tags: thoughts, Blair, Gpoy

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Happy Thoughts, Happy Snaps
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A bookworm who loves to shoot. | The girl behind

Tags: books, book reviews, lomography, travel, thoughts

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Mga kwentong nagpapahiwatig ng ka-weirdohan at kung ano-ano pa.

Tags: Nurse, Tambay, Weird, Thoughts, Love?

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Just Me Rossee
Statistics for Just Me Rossee
All about Rossee's lifes ..the up and downs up living so far away from home

Tags: Rage, Rants, Thoughts, Travel, Weddings

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More Than Words.
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A personal blog of a 17 yr old MMA student who aspires to be a graphic designer in the future.

Tags: fashion, personal, thoughts, art, photography

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Shekinah Photo Diary
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shekinah photo diary

Tags: personal, events, food, thoughts, travel

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My Journey
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The life and journey of a mother and a wife. This blog talks about her life, her thoughts and her daily experiences.

Tags: family, personal, family, friendship, thoughts

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Miss Cielo The Journalist
Statistics for Miss Cielo The Journalist
This blog contains thoughts and personal experiences of a girl that dreams to be a writer

Tags: travel, food, photography, personal, thoughts

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Statistics for rainbowwithtears
simple and cool. My blog contains doodle made by me, typography, rants and so whatever.

Tags: doodle, secrets, typography, thoughts, love

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Zone of Solitude
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Zone of Solitude is the personal blog of freelance writer and teacher Glaiza Olase. It features her thoughts like how she puts it--what makes her happy, sad and in love you'll see in this blog.

Tags: Personal, Writing, Magazines, Thoughts, People

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Statistics for fakelittleworld
This blog consists of personal stuffs like my problems and also my thoughts for the day and some of the reblog posts.

Tags: thoughts, personal

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The Beautiful Disaster
Statistics for The Beautiful Disaster
blog of Kaite Mariz. an 18yr old Filipina and a BS Entrepreneurship student at the University of Santo Tomas. This blog contains stuffs about fashion, business, everyday thoughts, and a bit of local politics.

Tags: fashion, thoughts, business, lifestyle

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The Invisible Observer
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A Tumblr blog about the joys and pains of growing up, in the eyes of a 19-year old young man from the Philippines.

Tags: photography, growing up, teenagers, manila, thoughts

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Silent Princess
Statistics for Silent Princess
Breaking the Silence

Tags: family, activities, hobbies, photos, thoughts

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Statistics for Heavenknows
Mga hinugot, pinulot at nabuong hinuha ni Potpot. Lahat ng pwedeng masabi, ikwento at gustong iparating. Tungkol sa lahat ng bagay na saklaw ng langit.

Tags: thoughts, shared journey, arts and music, tagalog quotes, slambook

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Destiny Be Good To Me
Statistics for Destiny Be Good To Me
Asia’s Heartthrob.

Tags: personal, readables, thoughts, escafeism, gpoy ni batman

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Anything Goes
Statistics for Anything Goes
Anything Goes is Kristine Lopez's personal blog where she shares her thoughts and aspirations in life.

Tags: Anything Goes, Blog, Kristine Lopez, Thoughts, Aspiring Blogger

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My Wide White Wall
Statistics for My Wide White Wall outlet, though digital, of my blabs and raves, of what I feel and think about things, of those I never had the chance to express, well verbally in a sense.

Tags: freedom, wall, inspirations, life, thoughts

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Sweet escape ♥
Statistics for Sweet escape ♥
My blog consists of personal posts such as self-opinions and thoughts, experiences, information about myself, and some rants. There are also pictures of myself and some pictures of events/occasions/happenings I've been to on that particular day.

Tags: thoughts, maganda, GPOY, tumblr, lovelife

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a twerp
Statistics for a twerp
My blog, for 3 years of its existence has been filled with a teenager's thoughts, ideas, and experiences in life. Mostly were written by me while some were written by friends.

Tags: thoughts, inspirational, love, friendship, story

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Little Miss Wanderlust
Statistics for Little Miss Wanderlust
The world is a book.. & those who do not travel... Read only one page. :)

Tags: trips, food, thoughts, manila

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Mabusog kayo sa quotes ko
Statistics for Mabusog kayo sa quotes ko
Maganda, nakakatawa, magenjoy kayo. Kungkailangan nyo ng advice dito na.

Tags: typographies, thoughts, Oneliner, quotes, personal

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Her Candid Thoughts
Statistics for Her Candid Thoughts
Putting my thoughts into words and make blogging be candidly splendid.

Tags: Candid, Thoughts, Giveaway

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scribbling life
Statistics for scribbling life
a personal blog of random thoughts of the author

Tags: thoughts, life, relationship, business, experience

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Synesthete Lass
Statistics for Synesthete Lass
A personal journal slash photoblog of a 17 year old lass.

Tags: Fashion, photoblog, Portraits, photography, thoughts

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Training Ground
Statistics for Training Ground
Daily life experiences and lessons. Drop by and read. A teen who looks like a kid, sounds like a kid but thinks like a man.

Tags: personal, photospam, diary, life, thoughts

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Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl
Statistics for Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl
A personal blog of a young dreamer about food, fashion, culture, life and the what-nots of it.

Tags: food, fashion, life, thoughts, dreams

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Statistics for Maiqueencesstales
A personal blog which is a means of catharsis for Mai Arcano's gobbledygook.

Tags: life, emotions, thoughts, feelings, random

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Life as You know it
Statistics for Life as You know it
Mark William C. Woo ll 16 years of age ll Currently lives in Cavite ll Studying at Technological University of the Philippines-Manila Campus ll IT wannabe ll Age turning every 21st of July

Tags: personal, thoughts

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Written Throughts
Statistics for Written Throughts
I write everything that I want to share with the world. The lessons I've learned based from experiences. I love to share simple things of my everyday life. It all comes down to one thing though, I just love to write. :)

Tags: thoughts, photography, music, love, books

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Thoughts and Things
Statistics for Thoughts and Things
A personal blog, it's my treasure trove of life's randomness (work, school, movies, music, anime, manga, photoshop, drawings ugh! Too many XD) ...seen from my Filipina eyes :)

Tags: wayyuay, thoughts, anime, movies, love

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Statistics for nerd-alert
Isang blog na mina-manage ng isang student na hindi alam ang konsepto ng time management at money management. bahete = bankrupt. Topics discussed in this blog are just random subjects that are going inside the mind of a typical student

Tags: Manila, Music, Film, Books, Thoughts

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JAbbeRedONiON (livelaughlove&sing)
Statistics for JAbbeRedONiON (livelaughlove&sing)
A blog about jabberedonion's interests, hobbies, experiences and thoughts

Tags: music, photos, poems, binisaya, thoughts

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Cunning Baboy
Statistics for Cunning Baboy
This I have to say, because everyone is entitled to my own opinion.

Tags: opinion, personal, thoughts, life

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Secret Machines
Statistics for Secret Machines
Yvette's a seventeen year-old college student from the Philippines. Oh what about my blog? it's where I post my rants and sketches.

Tags: sketches, art, thoughts, photos, quotations

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Statistics for geoffgraphy
Doodle, personal, Thoughts at bukas para sa lahat

Tags: Doodle, Personal, Thoughts, Stories, Approachable

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it's about her.
Statistics for it's about her.
a personal blog. photographs. memories. love. life.

Tags: thoughts, Photography, personal, love, life

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incrediblejey | Tumblr
Statistics for incrediblejey | Tumblr
We live alone, We die alone .Everything else is just an illusion .

Tags: Tumblr, Pinoy, thoughts, Photos

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Statistics for realmofphotographs
owned by a 20 years old finance major that blogs about her thoughts, the music she enjoys, amateur sketches and photographs she took herself.

Tags: photography, music, thoughts, art

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Just My Cup Of Coffee
Statistics for Just My Cup Of Coffee
Sipping It In, Spilling It Out!

Tags: coffee, rants & raves, fashion, thoughts, home & living

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The Curious Scribbler
Statistics for The Curious Scribbler
The site tackles a wide variety of topics ranging from the most common to the most obscene. The author focuses on his opinions on societal issues and also shares his thoughts about things that happens around him.

Tags: stories, thoughts, societal issues, literature

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