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Bea in Manila
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The chronicles of an ambitious, scatter-brained 17-year-old probinsyana struggling with Manila urbanity and life in the Ateneo de Manila University, hoping to become a successful doctor one day.

Tags: ateneo de manila, college, province, teen, freshman

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Statistics for OhPendaBlog is a teenager's outlet for new discoveries, her only chance to say that she's a writer too (having failed to write the young adult novels she's always dreamed of), and lots of stories that nobody really can relate to.

Tags: teen, books, young adult, mystery

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Just About Everything I Love
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Includes book, movies, shows and anime reviews, and of course, a few snippets form my life.

Tags: books, anime, diary, movies, teen

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Cupcakes and Cashmere
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A fifteen-year-old's attempt to become a reputed blogger.

Tags: personal, food, giveaway, teen, girl

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The Selkie Reads Stories
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A book review blog featuring the latest best selling and self published Young Adult and New Adult books.

Tags: books, Young Adult, teen, book reviews, new adult

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