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The Past And The Spurious
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Tibibord is a student, a Bicolano, and an Atenean. This is his blog.

Tags: Student, Atenean, Bicolano

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Roi Serrano.
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A personal approach on a lot of things.

Tags: writing, books, blog, literary, student

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Great Artist in the Making
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A blog owned by a student studying fine arts majoring in advertising

Tags: tumblr, art, student, crazy, personal

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The Ultralife Of Student Nurses
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NURSESTER: The Online Community For Aspiring Nurses, Student Nurses and Registered Nurses! Sharing with you our life as a nursing student, our notes and pictures.

Tags: nurses, nursing, student, board, exam

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The Queen's Doll: the diaries of a future broadcaster
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A religious Catholic girl who tries to find her way to the media industry blogs about her daily musings, her involvement in the church and her love for pop culture.

Tags: Catholic, Rizal, Student, Lifestyle, Juxtaposition

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Nursing Log
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Nursing Care Plans (NCP), Common Diseases, Psychiatric Nursing, Maternal and Child, Community Health, Medical-Surgical, Drug Studies

Tags: nursing, ncp, drug study, student, health

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A medical student's life in the third world country.

Tags: medicine, pinoy, philippines, student, ust

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The Plus Size Mind in A Skinny World 2.0
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The extraordinary adventures of a plus size mind in this skinny world. It covers a lot about school, pop culture, life, and photography.

Tags: photography, pop, culture, life, student

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The Journey Thus Far
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Immerse, discover and delight yourself in the life of a student in Manila experiencing the joys of the Academe. Posts include works in school, things personal and a few giveaways. Check it out!

Tags: catholic, school, student, manila, IB

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Capacitors and Cardigans
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blog of a future electronics engineer

Tags: ECE, Pinay, Student, UP Diliman, College life

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Disproving the Genius
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-- 'Disproving the Genius' is quite a new site. It features thoughts of a frustrated Creative Writer and a proud SM Scholar. elyens! XXXxx

Tags: aliens, genius, engineering, student, college

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Astral Strings
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just about anything

Tags: student, experience, books, life, lessons

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Liza's Online Journal
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an online journal where a teen shares all her experiences under the sun so that readers can enjoy the way she does.

Tags: family, food, movies, student, books

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