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Professor Porn
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Professor Porn is a gay porn blog based in Manila, streaming Pinoy, Asian, and Non-Pinoy porn.

Tags: gay porn, pinoy, stories, videos

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darkroom central group
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Pinoy m2m Collections contains material with visual images, video, audio, text descriptions and consenting adults engaging in acts of sexually-explicit nature.

Tags: pinoy, collection, stories, scandal, gallery

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HaveYouSeenThisGirL Stories
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You can find online stories written by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Tagalog, English or Taglish)

Tags: haveyouseenthisgirl, stories, online story, romance, love

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Patches of Life
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random ramblings, stories, food escapades, and travel adventures

Tags: Reviews, Stories, Travel, Food, Spa

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Bigotillong Bitchesa
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IThe tales and triumphs of a gay guy in the city, with bigote.

Tags: gay, stories, nudity, models, laughter

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Uncracked Balls
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Love. Sex. Life.

Tags: Dating, Relationships, Stories, Love, Poetry

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Neil Rara's Blog
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Browse through easy-to-read informative and inspiring articles about people, places, events and basically everything under the sun. Experience the feel of print with the convenience of digital.

Tags: neil, rara, lifestyle, features, stories

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A collection of my stories, cravings, whereabouts and snapshots.

Tags: food, drink, photos, places, stories

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Captured by Hannah
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Hannah T. believes that certain splendors in life are habitually overlooked, and she wants to try to change that. In her blog, she shares her discoveries through her photographs and narratives.

Tags: photographs, inspiration, happy, stories, adventure

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travel junkie manila
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coni tejada attempts to explore the planet and understand life

Tags: travel junkie manila, deals, stories, destinations, female traveler

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Debris of My Past
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Collection of stories, funny, real stories, stories about life, movie and music reviews, and everything under the sun.

Tags: reviews, opinions, life, rants, stories

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TYC — The Yatot Chronicles
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It's the personal blog of Yatot where he blogs about on love, relationship, tech, blogging, writing, stories, entertainment, etc. TYC is one superb online magazine portfolio!

Tags: relationship, stories, tips, entertainment, blogging

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Statistics for robirobster
Yo! What's up?! My name's Robby Romero. I'm a future doctor. I'm also a storyteller I am into other things as well but I'm only given 255 characters. Hehe! Enjoy! :)

Tags: music, arts, photography, stories, medicine

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Statistics for WaKweKwe
Collection ng mga Walang Kwentang Kwento na hinango sa mga utak na walang bahid kamanyakan. Di lang pang pamilya pang MTRCB pa

Tags: scandal, jokes, stories, pooh, humor

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BGOLDtm (Bi-Gays On-Line Diary)
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Tags: gays, stories, erwanreid, bgold, diary

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So Pretty
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A typical blog owned by a Filipina.

Tags: blog, online marketing, advertising, reviews, stories

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Express your emotions
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Express your emotions

Tags: Styles, Lifestyles, Stories, Relationship, God

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Ordinary People, Ordinary Day
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"Ordinary People, Ordinary Day" chronicles ordinary days of people like you and me and share to others what their ordinary day is like and who are they to the world.

Tags: stories, life, sentiments, feelings, blogger

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Jabellita Maldita
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My Thoughts. My Opinions. My Stories. My Life in a Blog.

Tags: jabelah, jabellita, life, stories, happiness

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a sip of soulful stories... and tea

Tags: societea, soul, stories, inspiration, tea

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Mga Kwento Ni Lolo
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A place where Lolo shares us his many stories of fantasy and real life. (blog in filipino)

Tags: personal, stories, family

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Statistics for Reveries
My work, my frustration, my all-in-all compilation

Tags: Reveries, Essays, Dreams, Poetry, Stories

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DiaryOfSecrets | Official
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Original stories of Scopy Robin

Tags: wattpad, diaryofsecrets, stories, romance, teen fiction

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Kwentong Buhay ni Montz
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Mga kwentong buhay ni Montz

Tags: Life, Religion, Humor, Poems, Stories

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Inquisitive Kittens
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Home of Book Reviews and All Things Awesome.

Tags: Book Reviews, Book Reviewer, Young Adult, Stories, Comics

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A Berry Weird Tale
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One of her many blogs.

Tags: stories, oneshot, fan fiction

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sa mga mundo ni prince
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mahilig ba kayong magbasa ng mga stories halinat inyong bisitahin ang ang aking mundo upang mabasa ninyo ang bawat nilalaman nito

Tags: stories, friendship, love

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Statistics for ...ShusH...
Someday I will become a "mangaka"! :) While I'm preparing for that dream, please join me in my journey through this blog. ^.^

Tags: artworks, literature, doodles, sketching, stories

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The Papyrus
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Know what is happening around the MQC Campus. Expand your horizons as we feature all sorts of stories and articles to titilate your senses.

Tags: news, mqc, stories, campus, student

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My Letters to Pangga
Statistics for My Letters to Pangga
I'm a self-proclaimed artist from the philippines. And I'm starting this blog for one reason, I want a room for myself to express everything about my love to a very special girl. Her name is Aiko and I love her with all my heart. Too cheesy righ

Tags: personal, lovelife, love, stories

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Io Sono Mokong
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If you visit my blog, I'll assure you that after you close your computer, you'll realise that you're already smiling.

Tags: Foods, Places, Personal, Stories, Life

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Personal blog/post about anything/Repost my stories from wattpad/and writes anything under the sun. It's pure randomness =)

Tags: Random, love, rants, stories, letters

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Anthology of personal, lifestyle, culture, arts, and inspirational anecdotes, and a bit of everything.

Tags: Lifestyle, Personal, Culture, Blogger, Stories

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Talk Personal and Life Tips by Mark Montehermoso
Statistics for Talk Personal and Life Tips by Mark Montehermoso
Talks about inspiring stories. Thing about life, your finances, happiness and sadness. We are awesome in many ways

Tags: Pinoy Franchise, Life, Financial Planning, Travel, Stories

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Mutually Exclusive
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Thoughts you won't find anywhere else.

Tags: Running, Fountain Pens, Internet, Stories, Literature

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avaricio clan
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its a story of Family, Bond, And Loyalty

Tags: family, clan, personal, funny, stories

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Stories of Felix Valentino
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Our stories are worth to be shared :)

Tags: Stories, Personal, Life, Humor, Entertainment and Lifestyle

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C'est La Vie
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Highlights of the life of the personal blogger, Edleen May Coja Baysa.

Tags: personal, life, stories, happenings, snapshots

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InspiringGirl Stories
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InspiringGirl Stories. Free Downloadable stories of InspiringGirl from wattpad.

Tags: Stories, Wattpad, InspiringGirl

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An Affair With Books
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Reading books is one of my favorite things to do in life. In order to keep my writing in tip-top shape I've decided to put up a review blog of the books I've read. I hope that through it I'll be able to influence people to get into reading.

Tags: books, literature, reading, stories, love stories

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The Curious Scribbler
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The site tackles a wide variety of topics ranging from the most common to the most obscene. The author focuses on his opinions on societal issues and also shares his thoughts about things that happens around him.

Tags: stories, thoughts, societal issues, literature

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The Velociwritetor
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The Velociwritetor is a blog where I help other writers gain an understanding of writing. It's also the new home of my fantasy, horror, and short stories. Hopefully, through this blog, I can bring death to poor writing using my razor-sharp words.

Tags: writing, poems, stories

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