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Raymund Macaalay's Dev Blog
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ANYthing REgarding Software Technology, helping IT Professionals 1 blog post at a time

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Existence, refactored
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Brain dumps of a software developer

Tags: software development, training, management, memetics, personal finance

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WebGeekResources specializes in software development, web design, development and maintenance, search engine optimization, multimedia, graphics design, pc repair, and other computer related projects.

Tags: IT thesis projects, software development, web development, graphics design, computer related works

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Iphone Dev Pinoy
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A Pinoy Iphone Developer's Blog

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This blog is about my experiences as a fresh graduate working in a Global 500 company as a professional Software Developer.

Tags: software development, fresh graduate, programmer, global 500, experiences of a fresh graduate

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a peek into my trashvin
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because some thoughts are better written that posted on social networking sites

Tags: technology, software development, android, C#, programming

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