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Juan Republic
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Juan loves everything about radio, pop culture, journalism, student acts, dirty politics, books, photography, blogs, underground movements, CDs, PULP Magazine, Music, Arts, coffee, beer and a lot of beer, and more of beer!

Tags: politics, society, pop culture, life, rant

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This meiLBOX hopes to promote/revive the the art of letter-writing as well as contribute to discourses on business/politics, social development/environment, culture, history, and current events.

Tags: social development, environment, society, culture, current events

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Asia's Perfect 10
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A group blog for promoting regional mutual cooperation, improving cultural understanding, and posting national news.

Tags: Asian, Politics, Society, News, Travel

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Clairvoyance in Verities
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Clairvoyance in Verities (CIV) is an investigative blog that tackles existentialism and cultural anecdotes in today's societal issues.

Tags: de la salle, philosophy, society, societal issues, christianity

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Daily musing about life and furry-tails with my fur-kiddos.

Tags: life, dogs, society, opinion

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