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Technology and Travel Blog, features latest updates in Smartphones, Tablets and Travel Guides

Tags: Smartphones, Tablets, Travel Promos, Android, Apple

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Filipino Tech Addict
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Latest Tech News and Reviews

Tags: smartphones, technology, tablets, computers, tech news

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Techindustriya is a high quality digital publication about computing, digital photography, mobile phones, smartphones, gaming, apps, and modern lifestyle around the world.

Tags: gadget reviews, tech news, smartphones, gadget giveaways, gaming

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Philippine and international tech news, gadget reviews, tech tutorials

Tags: technology, gadget, reviews, tutorials, smartphones

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Jeipi Tech
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Jeipi Tech is just another Tech related blog. The difference is that I have a forum-like blog wherein we share our opinions whether bad or good about a specific device or gadget.

Tags: android, technology, smartphones, gadgets, computers

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Good Guy Gadgets
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Good Guy Gadgets is a personal and technology content-driven blog based in the Philippines that features product reviews and updates on electronics and consumer products.

Tags: gadgets, Good Guy Gadgets, product reviews, smartphones, electronics

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The main focus of this blog is to feature the rapidly-growing mobile technology scene. Smartphones, tablets, ultraportables and accessories are teh usual contents of this blog site. Though we'll have some technology-related news from time-to-time.

Tags: Smartphones, Android, Windows, Computers, Gadgets

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Tips and Tricks in Blogging, Internet Surfing and Phone for all Filipino!

Tags: Blogging, Internet Surfing, Phone, Smartphones, Tips and Tricks

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