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The Eager Traveller
Statistics for The Eager Traveller
Blog contains full documentation of my escapades around the world in the hopes of inspiring fellow eager travellers.

Tags: itinerary, vacation, travel, recommendations, review

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all chucked up!
Statistics for all chucked up!
A personal/lifestyle blog by Chuckie Dreyfus. This site talks about life, family, tech, entertainment and a lot of random topics. :)

Tags: life, random, tech, gadgets, review

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Opinions by Flow Galindez
Statistics for Opinions by Flow Galindez
Blog that talks about news, politics, entertainment, advocacy and opinion

Tags: news, entertainment, politics, review, advocacy

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Daddy and the City
Statistics for Daddy and the City
I'm a Stay-at-Home-Dad and it's daddy's turn to talk about home, raising kids, parenting and things that daddy loves. Of course, Mom helps me blog, too.

Tags: parenting, running, city living, baby signs, review

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Wicked Sago
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Tech news, reviews, gadgets and more.

Tags: technology, gadgets, camera, photography, review

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The Beauty Bee
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Buzzing about beauty and life! A beauty blog run by a proud Filipina.

Tags: philippines, makeup, review, swatches, skincare

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Peachy Pink Sisters
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We're sibs both enamored with makeup and everything nice! And - well, we're pretty in peach and pink! Email us at

Tags: beauty, sisters, kikay, arts, review

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araw-araw | tous le jours | everyday
Statistics for araw-araw | tous le jours | everyday
dahil ganyan ako ka-creative sa paggawa ng blog title at url

Tags: food, travel, review, story, mixed

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Statistics for Eyahnism
This is my space for make up reviews, hauls, good finds, raves, tutorial and anything that an ordinary girl do to prettify herself.

Tags: Makeup, Beauty, Review, Tutorial, Fashion

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Codename Aya
Statistics for Codename Aya
Mission: Shop a lot without spending a lot. A blog about beauty, make-up, skin care, and food. May also contain some thoughts about random things here and there. :)

Tags: beauty, makeup, nails, review, tutorial

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Statistics for DISHYSAMMY
DISHYSAMMY contains my make up stash reviews, my vanity photos, tips I gathered from magazine and TV, beauty regimen, tips & tricks, my fashion whereabouts, my spa hopping, my fitness journey, and everything under the SAM.

Tags: Makeup, Lipstick, Tutorials, Review, Photos

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My Sassy Chef
Statistics for My Sassy Chef
A collection of recipes for making delicious home-cooked meals.

Tags: food, recipe, restaurant, review, dining

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Statistics for LEVYousa
A blog that tackles about the author journey through the amazing thing called LIFE

Tags: lifestyle, fashion, parenting, relationship, review

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Beauty Junkie
Statistics for Beauty Junkie
Read about a make-up obsessed girl in her twenties about anything related to make up. A blog covering new product discoveries to make-up looks, what works for her and what doesn't. Make Up is her life. :)

Tags: Make Up, Beauty, Review, Tutorial, Products

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Whimsical Whatnots And Whatever...
Statistics for Whimsical Whatnots And Whatever...
As the title suggests, the blog will be about everything and anything under the sun that catches my fancy excluding math. :p

Tags: beauty, makeup, food, review

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Fierce Blogs
Statistics for Fierce Blogs
Fierce Find that the author recommends to his readers. These may be products, services, TV, movies and even talents. From time to time there are also rumors and exposing bad experiences on certain establishments.

Tags: Product Review, Review, Events, Beauty, Fashion

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Statistics for Quiet
Artworks, Photography, Beauty, and all the other things you can find on a typical blog like mine.

Tags: nail art, traditional art, watercolor, makeup, review

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I Review
Statistics for I Review
This blog reviews anything you want to know

Tags: review, review blog, review portal, blog that reviews, review about anything

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Foodie's Haven
Statistics for Foodie's Haven
Come join Hazel as she goes on a food escapade around the metro!

Tags: photoblog, delicious, review, restaurant, filipino

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Statistics for haziesthazel

Tags: fashion, makeup, diy, review, tutorial

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Center for Career Development
Statistics for Center for Career Development
Resource Center for the Architecture Board Exams in the Philippines; Architecture Review Materials and Quizzes; National Architectural Thesis Competition

Tags: Architecture, Board Exams, Thesis, Competition, Review

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Trails Unlimited
Statistics for Trails Unlimited
From rock faces, bike trails to running routes and every R&R in between. I go wherever my feet lead me. The trail is unlimited.

Tags: running, movies, food, shoes, review

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Sweet, Sharp, Soft
Statistics for Sweet, Sharp, Soft
Mostly a beauty blog detailing my recent obsession with makeup.

Tags: makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, review

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Statistics for UAP-CCD
References for Review in preparation for the Philippine Architecture Licensure Examinations, including sample quizzes, readings, review tips, new information, trends and other information related to Architecture

Tags: Architecture, Board Exams, Licensure Exams, Review, Architecture Education

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Ann Luyun
Statistics for Ann Luyun
The Beauty-Addict provides In-depth reviews with regards to beauty products. And willingly to share with you her beauty tips/advices,and helps you bringing out the beauty in you!

Tags: Beauty, Review, Cometics, Make up, Tips

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Fashion Fantasy
Statistics for Fashion Fantasy
A blog about fashion

Tags: fashion, review, do-it-yoursef, ootd, photo diary

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My so-called Experimented Blog
Statistics for My so-called Experimented Blog
An online diary. The blogger writes what she experimented in different facets of life.

Tags: review, personal, beauty, travel, experience

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Everyday Food Bites
Statistics for Everyday Food Bites
Mimi and Gab is a couple that love food. Lunch-dates, Dinner-dates, you name it. Hopping from food place to food place in and out of the Metro. Sampling ol' favorite dishes, to trying out new dishes.

Tags: Manila, Restaurant, Review, Snack, Pampanga

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Mr. Pogi Tips
Statistics for Mr. Pogi Tips
life being a freelance model, makeup artist, guru, DJ and an extraordinary person. Dedicated for men and women who likes reviews, fashion, tutorials and how tos.

Tags: review, cosmetic, tutorial, how to, fashion

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Statistics for DARK MATTE
Makeup reviews for starters, testers, and newbies like me.

Tags: makeup, lipstick, dark, matte, review

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Everything Lovely By Caroleen
Statistics for Everything Lovely By Caroleen
Everything Lovely is a blog site that is meant for girls, ladies, WOMEN who have the heart for little inspiration, little happiness found in many little things---lovely and odd, deviant and dainty, cute and bold.

Tags: fashion, beauty, health, women, review

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Life Can't Wait
Statistics for Life Can't Wait
Life is a series of experiences, so live life as if everything is a miracle!

Tags: showbiz, thought, gossip, meme, review

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The Sun Kissed Girl
Statistics for The Sun Kissed Girl
A blog about beauty, make up and anything in between.

Tags: make up, beauty, review, products, sun kissed girl

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Divergent Gryffindor
Statistics for Divergent Gryffindor
Hi, I'm Kim, a Chinese blogger from the Philippines! :) I love reading YA novels, contemporary, romance, dystopian and middle grade! I would love to meet new people, so feel free to comment or talk to me anytime :)

Tags: Review, ARC Review, Contemporary, Giveaways, Excerpt

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Galaxy Star 7
Statistics for Galaxy Star 7
A blog that contain posts about nails and nail arts. Also, food and some recipes. And, book quotes and reviews. With random artsy-craftsy. With a hint of movie reviews and stars. And, some cheap finds, because I'm a stingy shopper. :)

Tags: nails, nail art, tutorial, review, nail polish

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Pinoy Techie Boy
Statistics for Pinoy Techie Boy
Tech, Gadgets News & Reviews for every Techie Pinoy!

Tags: pinoy, technology, gadget, news, review

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Macky Says
Statistics for Macky Says
This is a blog about random rants, raves, and more randomness. This was made for the average Filipina beauty junkie on a budget. I'm a girl who loves makeup and art, so why not combine the two?

Tags: makeup, filipina makeup, tutorial, beauty, review

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Dominant Hospitality
Statistics for Dominant Hospitality
Past had passed. You shouldn't be trapped in your past. Start walking, Keep moving

Tags: Review, Life Lesson, promotion, work, God

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Travel and Potography
Statistics for Travel and Potography
Travel for me is not just going to different places and enjoy its beauty but it is also a life's travel, a journey going to heaven. includes mountaineering, travel, photography, reflections, review

Tags: itinerary, travel philippines, review, mountaineering, reflection

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Statistics for ClairbellaTV
ClairbellaTV is a website that features makeup and hair tutorials, product reviews, skin care tips and beauty advice for the empowered Filipino women who are always on the look out for quality yet affordable products.

Tags: skincare, makeup, tutorials, review, hairstyle

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Statistics for missplpify
My blog serves as an extension for my youtube beauty channel. If you're interested in subscribing, follow my blog and subscribe to my channel for your daily dose of beauty and fashion tips.

Tags: missplpify, youtube guru, hauls, review, makeup

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Statistics for SugarTrooper
This blog is supposed to be an "all desserts" blog. but I will include product reviews, my family and friends, school, arts and crafts.

Tags: food, dessert, promo, review

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Statistics for Katrinetriestoblog
A diary of a fashion and beauty enthusiast and lover of life and its possibilities.

Tags: style diary, design student, travel, style review, review

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The Pinoy Consumer Advocate
Statistics for The Pinoy Consumer Advocate
May angal ka? I-blog mo dito.

Tags: products, services, review, Filipino, gadgets

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Post Its!
Statistics for Post Its!
Join Post Its in discovering new techniques and makeup styles. Tutorials, product reviews, giveaways and more! :D

Tags: makeup, make-up, tutorial, review, beauty

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Statistics for MsPeppermint
Beauty hauls, and review for girls, and the girls at heart!

Tags: hauls, make-up, peppermint, mspeppermint, review

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Statistics for OHLYSAFAE
This blog contains randomness. This is my daily journal. Visit and enjoy!:)

Tags: lysafae, review, health, lifestyle, inspirational

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Makeup, Etc.
Statistics for Makeup, Etc.
90% beauty-related. 10% random blabs about my daily existence.

Tags: makeup, review

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Cream Puffs and Tea Cups
Statistics for Cream Puffs and Tea Cups
"Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer." Lifestyle Blog centralized on FOOD by two eccentric sisters. ^_^

Tags: Fashion, Food, Review, Lifestyle, Travel

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Walk in high heels with colored lips
Statistics for Walk in high heels with colored lips
A kingdom owned by Samantha, a blog full of enthusiasm and is drowned in the beauty of cosmetics.

Tags: maybelline, philippines, review, forever 21, cosmetics

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