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Juan Republic
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Juan loves everything about radio, pop culture, journalism, student acts, dirty politics, books, photography, blogs, underground movements, CDs, PULP Magazine, Music, Arts, coffee, beer and a lot of beer, and more of beer!

Tags: politics, society, pop culture, life, rant

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Random thoughts - made at a very private place.

Tags: random, technology, opinions, rant, best

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I am Aileen
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A shameless self-promotion blog about my thoughts & my life as I strive to get through my daily struggles.

Tags: personal, lifestyle, tumblr, rant, entertainment

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Green Breaking
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so, so what? are you a rockstar? so I need you tonight.

Tags: rant, thanks, what the cheeze

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rascal damsel
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I post whatever comes into my mind that I find interesting enough to share on line [a.k.a 'bloggable'] . meaning, this blog will contain my thoughts which probably you'll find random and weird. beautifully weird.

Tags: rant, daily ramblings, Love -cheese, rewards for the Gods, anything

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Hoy Unggoy!
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Bayani ako: may disiplina. Hoy mga unggoy umayos kayo1Kaya walang asenso ang bansa natin ay dahil sa mga tulad nyong walang disiplina. Pano tayo uusad kung simpleng batas lang di nyo kayang sundin?

Tags: huwag tularan, violators, rant, embarrassing pinoys, humor

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