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all chucked up!
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A personal/lifestyle blog by Chuckie Dreyfus. This site talks about life, family, tech, entertainment and a lot of random topics. :)

Tags: life, random, tech, gadgets, review

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My Lucid Intervals (The Musings of Primadonnarence)
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A blog of a young Filipina lawyer about life, beauty and everything in between. For Inquiries, contact me here:

Tags: Shopping, Reviews, Random, MakeupTutorials, Beauty

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The Snoozing Robot
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The Snoozing Robot brings the latest news and information regarding technology....when he's not too busy snoozing.

Tags: latest, laptops, cellphones, electronics, random

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This blog is about anything I find interesting. I love coding. I hate designing. But you have to have both to survive in the internets!

Tags: technology, random, gadgets, geek, programming

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Style and Glow
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A budget guide to every skin care and make up items.

Tags: product review, sale alert, DIY, haul, random

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Just Random Musings
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This is a personal blog and just random thoughts about life.

Tags: random, musings, personal, life, stuff

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random and personal stuffs about fashion and beauty.

Tags: fashion, beauty, personal, random, lifestyle

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kwatro khanto
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Random. Movie reviews, anime, games, book reviews, travel, photographs, humor. Anything goes!

Tags: toys, book reviews, random, anime, asian movie reviews

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The Random Letter 7
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The only website that discuses random stuff about life, fun, work and yeah, Unicorns, too.

Tags: Life, Random, Humor, Literature, Work

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the chaotic wonderland
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Tags: Photography, Fashion, Random

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Half Human and half panda :p Ang Personal Blog Ni Jeuz :)

Tags: usapang pag ibig, usapang blogger, usapang gutom, personal, random

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Imperfect is beautiful
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A blog on everything. On realizations, on travels, on pictures, on poems, on photography, on literature, and literally everything a seventeen year old could think of :)

Tags: love, funny, random, crazy, humor

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Her World of Randomness
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A late bloomer who blogs about random things in between mommy duties. She loves doing product reviews, hosting and joining giveaways, helping bloggers who need blogging tips/inquiries, and reciprocating favors.

Tags: Beauty, Giveaways, Reviews, Lifestyle, Random

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rights and responsibilities.
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the blank pages of my life.

Tags: personal, life, buhayestudyante, random, share

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Random thoughts - made at a very private place.

Tags: random, technology, opinions, rant, best

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A mademoiselle's world
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A girl's blog about fashion, personal style, beauty, lifestyle, food travel and trips and random stuff.

Tags: Fashion, Personal style, Beauty, Lifestyle, Random

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This blog is about myself. Me. Me. ME! Some of my collective fashion consciousness, Project 365, journals, food trips, events I attended and just random stuffs. "Im not simple, Im extravagant. I do not settle for less, I want more." -- Jairus

Tags: Fashion, Random

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Dianne's World
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Anything random that comes out from my mind. Hey Say JUMP Group stuff.

Tags: hey say jump, dianne's world, random

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Fashion and Beauty Area
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A page where you can find daily inspiration for fashion and beauty!

Tags: fashion, dress, girls, beauty, random

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Hello, Angelique
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The daily of musings of a girl with annoying cheeks; with bits of fashion and everything else in between.

Tags: clothes, journals, angelique, manto, random

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i post random photos....

Tags: random

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anneskie blabs
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A little bit of photography, music, personal stuff, travel and anything that my bored mind could concoct.

Tags: random, travel, music, photoblog, humor

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Of occasional curses and daily sarcasms
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Random things from my every day life.

Tags: random, me, daily, photo, music

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You Got No Gee
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Talks about everything. Everything that I think of. :))

Tags: Giveaways, Random, Press Release, Fashion

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My Pic of the Day
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Naisip ko ang ganitong paraan -- ang mag-post ng larawan at ikwento ang tungkol sa larawan/picture na iyon, o di kaya'y magkwento at maglahad ng saloobin ukol sa paksa ng larawan na iyon.

Tags: Pinoy Mom, random, personal view, Filipino blog, amateur photos

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Tags: Jokes, Random, Banat, Funny Photos, Random

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Skinny Style Of Tumblr
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Style. Beauty. Models. Runway & Randomness.

Tags: style, beauty, models, runway, random

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Super Model 101
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fashion, clothes, models, sites, and random things i like

Tags: models, fashion, random, cool, high fashion

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melo's random world
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a blog that composes random thoughts around the metro plus lots of foods!

Tags: food, personal, tumblr, random, travel

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Random Love ♥
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A bored teenager's random blog about the things that amuses her- fashion, photography, FOOD,quotes, 9gag, funny things and those that relates to real life.

Tags: random, tumblr, reblog, 9gag, fashion

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Over Hell, Under Heaven
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Over Hell, Under Heaven -- where everything is in between. Here, you can find anything which is neither up above nor down below.

Tags: anything, everything, reviews and features, random, reactions

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My Life Under The Sun
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This is my personal blog. Here you can find happenings in my life under the sun, events, happenings or even you. I'll write something about you here if I get the chance.

Tags: events, blog, cebu, philippines, random

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