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Lalaine Salvador Photography
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Photography is the only art that I can do.

Tags: Places, Shoes, Travel, Kids, Portraits

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Wedding Photography Design
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An online resource of ideas and advise on weddings and events, tips and techniques on photography, trends and showcase on art and design, and a doze of inspiration for personal development and creativity for everyone... by iFoto Xpressions Studio

Tags: wedding, photography, portraits, design, events

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TheBIGnews - Travel
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A photoblog of the travels of Paolo Manalac a photographer. A landscapist by heart, a traveler by calling and a photographer by profession.

Tags: paolo manalac, photography, lansdcapes, portraits, documentation

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Photo Diaries by Banawe
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I'm as confused as my hair. At 22, I am yet to discover which path to take. Right now, I'm off to circle a region and assume the role of researcher/writer/photographer. Seems enticing.

Tags: photography, portraits, events, fashion, music

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