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The Love Whisperer | Love Quotes
Statistics for The Love Whisperer | Love Quotes
Relatable Love Quotes, Music, Images and Relationship Advice on Tumblr. Making love sweeter and easing the pain of broken hearts.

Tags: Love, Life, Personal, Photography, Tumblr

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Azrael's Merryland Blog
Statistics for Azrael's Merryland Blog
My thoughts on pop culture stuff of blogging, comics, tv, music, movies, anime, toys, gaming, events, festivals, convention, technology, food, photography, travel, social media, the internet and many more.

Tags: social media, personal, blogging, event coverages, reviews and features

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freedom wall | go out! travel! be free!
Statistics for freedom wall | go out! travel! be free!
Freedom Wall is my avenue to share joyful and relaxing travel escapades, adventures, and expeditions.

Tags: Travel, Dining, Philippines, Photoblog, Personal

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Statistics for Nonoying
Let us spread the good news in the internet.

Tags: latest news, personal, sports updates, exam results, online application

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beyond toxicity
Statistics for beyond toxicity
personal blog that gives reverence to life's simple pleasures :!

Tags: personal, food, travel, family, doc gelo

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Blah Since I Know
Statistics for Blah Since I Know
I like writing about anything under the sun, but I am most interested in literature, arts, asian culture and history.

Tags: japan, Life, Entertainment, history, Personal

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Let's Talk, Let's Eat, Let's Wander
Statistics for Let's Talk, Let's Eat, Let's Wander
A blog featuring Restaurant, Mall Eats, Fine Dining, Hole in a Wall, Travel and Escapades, Beaches, Movie Reviews or Anything that my heart desires! Join me, together with my boyfie exploring hidden gems here in the Philippines! :)

Tags: Food, Travel, Philippines, Personal, Movie Review

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Oh My Buhay is an online journal written by Ms. Annie Tan-Yee whose life's experiences are indeed entertaining and awe-inspiring.

Tags: personal, life experiences, travel, food, sharing

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Fashion & Luxury.
Statistics for Fashion & Luxury.
A blog of a 19 year old Information and Technology student who adores Fashion and Beauty. :)

Tags: product reviews, fashion, style, beauty, personal

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Statistics for Hana
Disjointed Little Musings on Cute Things and Happy Places

Tags: beauty, makeup, reviews, personal, food

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Statistics for dlanyerzone
Dlanyerzone is my place wherein I blog anything. Yeah! I blog anything, it can be Love, Tagalog Love Quotes, My Thoughts, Reviews, Philippine Trending Topics, anything relatable etc. Better check it.

Tags: love tips and advices, tumblr,, personal, anything, my thoughts, tagalog love quotes

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The Shades of Grey by Elal Jane Lasola
Statistics for The Shades of Grey by Elal Jane Lasola
Life. Love. Travel. Photography.

Tags: Travel Photography, Personal, PhotoBlog, Photography, Pictures

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Statistics for rainCHECK
Some almost new paradigms and everything under the sun. All about people, places, events and things that I love.

Tags: personal, events, lifestyle, travel, food

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Before the Eastern Sunset
Statistics for Before the Eastern Sunset
The blog usually talks about the personal experiences of Ishmael and his perceptions of the world around him. The blog topics are usually about the many interesting things, places, and events that could be found in the Philippines.

Tags: travel, phlippines, personal, philippine tourist spots

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Rhea Bue Styles & Writes
Statistics for Rhea Bue Styles & Writes
A fashion and beauty blog by a full-time social media specialist.

Tags: fashion, beauty, personal, event blogger, lifestyle

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Michi PhotoStory
Statistics for Michi PhotoStory
online diary where I share my experiences as a wife and mother, my travels, food trips, recipes and memories.

Tags: travel, food trip, motherhood, personal, recipe

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This blog is all about fashion, beauty, fragrances and also about personal experiences. It is an attempt to show the world what I have to offer.

Tags: fashion, beauty, reviews, personal, giveaway

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MitcHOT Spots
Statistics for MitcHOT Spots
I started my blog since last year, on my birthday. The reasons for my blogging are, I wanted to document my life, share it to others, have friends and also I wanted to earn at the same time.

Tags: Personal, Travel, Beach, Life, Food

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Nognog in the City
Statistics for Nognog in the City
Nognog in the City is a compilation of Nognog's daily adventure in the midst of the urban jungle. This includes Travel destination, Food, Lifestyle, Technology, Fashion, Photography and other things that interest the author and the readers.

Tags: Personal Style, Travel, Food, Entertainment, Personal

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Thoughts of a Lippie Monster
Statistics for Thoughts of a Lippie Monster
Makeup Reviews, Restaurant and Food Reviews, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews and anything that tickles my fancy!

Tags: Movie Review, Makeup Reviews, Food Reviews, Personal, Krisella

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Libre Lang Mangarap!
Statistics for Libre Lang Mangarap!
ambisyoso lang talaga

Tags: otep, Libre Lang Mangarap, Personal, Travel, Dream

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My Kichay Kit ♥
Statistics for My Kichay Kit ♥
Chay is born on the year of MAC and MUFE. allergic to celery and named after a poodle. Join her random ramblings about what's inside her kikay kit and beyond.

Tags: Makeup, Beauty, Cosmetics, Personal, Reviews

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EUTS: everything under the sun
Statistics for EUTS: everything under the sun
This blog can give you everything under the sun; popular emails, texts, personal experience, celebrity update, showbiz news and other funny and most memorable happenings here, there and everywhere, EVERYTHING as long as it is UNDER THE SUN…

Tags: personal, pinoy, showbiz, school, celebrity

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Statistics for fairycandles
Your daily dose of fashion and happy endings! <3

Tags: fairycandles, tumblr, fashion, inspiration, personal

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I Love Keisha
Statistics for I Love Keisha
This blog aims to share and inspire thru the author’s personal experiences combined with research focusing on parenting, home and family life, fashion, travel, food and all the other things that interest and circle around the life of a woman.

Tags: parenting, home, living, personal, lifestyle

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Statistics for BOGGLING BOBZ
It is a simple blog that features the things I do and want to do.

Tags: Personal, Music, Tips, Movies, Fashion

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Zia In Print
Statistics for Zia In Print
My blog is all about my take on fashion and beauty. I make and post reviews regarding beauty products. I also share my travel experiences and a little bit of everything.

Tags: personal, style, makeup reviews, tutorial, travel

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Tetê d'affiche
Statistics for Tetê d'affiche
A personal blog about fashion, beauty, multimedia art, and life by Ida Anduyan

Tags: make up, personal, street, urban, style

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Words of Happinest
Statistics for Words of Happinest
Words of Happinest talks about happiness, that which its author believes is anything under the sun.

Tags: happiness, personal, sheer delights, heartfelt smiles, nice stuff

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E.B. Gozun
Statistics for E.B. Gozun
This blog is about my personal experiences, thoughts, humor, sports, movies, music, television, entertainment and a lot more!

Tags: personal, movies, music, entertainment, travel

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Pinoy Blabbermouth
Statistics for Pinoy Blabbermouth
Where humor, profanity, and personal what-nots come together.

Tags: travel, personal, pinoy, cebu, blabbermouth

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Swirls and Scribbles
Statistics for Swirls and Scribbles
This blog is about fashion, food, product reviews, personal life, events, photography, instagram, techie stuff, traveling, giveaways and a lot more...

Tags: fashion, travel, personal, food, photography

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Statistics for XoxoNicole
Personal fashion and beauty blog of Nicole Macasaet.

Tags: beauty, fashion, personal, reviews, outfit posts

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Yours Truly, Madma
Statistics for Yours Truly, Madma
AKO si MADMA. At narito kayo sa hit na hit na Yours truly, Madma.

Tags: Personal, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Humor, Political, Life Lessons

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Mister Fries and Sundae
Statistics for Mister Fries and Sundae
Simple teenager | Lalaking maraming pangarap sa buhay | Labingwalo | Love? Ano yun? :)

Tags: humor, love, life, personal, inspirational

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The SkyChic
Statistics for The SkyChic
I write about travel, food, entertainment and leisure. Almost anything under the sun

Tags: Travel, Food, Beauty, Personal

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The Web Magazine
Statistics for The Web Magazine
A blog about online trends and personal life of Carl Valenzona, The Web Magazine

Tags: Viral, Pop Culture, Trends, Breaking, Personal

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Statistics for Underestimated
A blog about my musings as a first time mom

Tags: lifestyle, family, parenting, women, personal

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The Plump Cheeks
Statistics for The Plump Cheeks
Obsession with beauty and makeup, skincare, fashion, and some random stuff.

Tags: beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion, personal

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A Woman Remembers
Statistics for A Woman Remembers
A womans life and love. Her journey as she lives a life in sweetness and serenity. Words shared by a mom who loves life, her family and her children. Thoughts and feelings of a woman reflecting her experiences, her views and everything else in between.

Tags: family, love, life, children, personal

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Marie's Thoughts
Statistics for Marie's Thoughts
An outlet for the random thoughts of a humble girl.

Tags: personal, fashion, technology, travel, life

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Statistics for Bradpetehoops
My blog tells about basketball in the Philippines and international. Others sports activities.

Tags: basketball, sports, personal, show all, picture and model

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Just Random Musings
Statistics for Just Random Musings
This is a personal blog and just random thoughts about life.

Tags: random, musings, personal, life, stuff

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Straw Hat JP
Statistics for Straw Hat JP
A Sky Pirate's Diary

Tags: strawhat, personal

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The City Roamer
Statistics for The City Roamer
A personal blog that touches on the Internet & technology, food & entertainment, people, places & events, brands, contests & promotions and personal opinions including advocacies.

Tags: personal, lifestyle, entertainment, food, technology

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RATED E! Exclusively Explosive Earvilicious Escapades!
Statistics for RATED E! Exclusively Explosive Earvilicious Escapades!
Get a good laugh with my blogserye! 10 indibidwal sa loob ng iisang bahay dito sa Brunei! Plus, know more about living in Brunei! Gaano kasaya at kahirap ang mabuhay sa isang bansang Muslim!

Tags: OFW, ABS-CBN, Personal, Teleserye, Humour

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Statistics for AdrielDRable!
Get a dose of bite-sized trends, most talked-about, and cheerful announcements and events from this blog! Stay tuned... and get hooked!

Tags: Personal, Travel, Photoblogs, Humor, Food

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Irrational Sense of Optimism
Statistics for Irrational Sense of Optimism
A blog about my life's adventures and misfortunes; with a dose of amateur photography; and random reviews.

Tags: photography, food, craft, personal, reviews

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Statistics for itseverythingnice
Personal blog but I make typos and other posts :)

Tags: fashion, typography, personal

Visitors: 185 | Report Blog
Statistics for Stuckwith3
All about KIDS plus EVENTS plus FREEBIES, happiness of a mom like me :)

Tags: Parenting, home, Lifestyle, Personal, living

Visitors: 184 | Report Blog
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