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Your online fashion scrapbook.

Tags: fashion, dress, themes, shoes, pastel

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Emerald-Princess of Tumblr
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a blog that contains fashion related post, some pastel and vintage stuffs.

Tags: fashion, pastel, vintage, photography, themes

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Prelel The Style Junkie
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Prelel The Style Junkie is a fashion blog by Prelel Yu where she shares her personal style and style ideas with her fellow fashion lovers.

Tags: fashion, pastel, personal style, personal life, giveaway

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Blissfulscent og Tumblr
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A blog compose of everything nice. A photography blog that compose of everything that catches my heart. Vintage, pastel, fashion, nature, love, couples. A bit of everything blog

Tags: pastel, vintage, photography, love, couples

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pinkandpastels of tumblr
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your daily dose of pastel, photography and fashion

Tags: photography, pastel, fashion, girly, giveaways

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your happy ever after <3

Tags: vintage, indie, pastel, smiles

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Glimmery Dolls
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This blog is a personal blog which contains the things I love such as asian cosmetics,korean fashion,kpop and korean dramas,country music and everything beyond.

Tags: cosmetics, korea, kpop, pastel, kawaii

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Happily Inlove
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my blog is a combination of photography,pastel, quotes and food :)

Tags: photography, food, pastel, fashion, girly

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Casa di Moda
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I'm Eloisa and I'm 20. I believe that fashion comes in different colors.

Tags: street fashion, clothes, colorful, vintage, pastel

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Parisian-Girl of Tumblr
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I post/reblog pictures that are pastel, pink, vintage, fashion and food.

Tags: pastel, pink, fashion, vintage, food

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Drop in the bucket. Ambivert. Coffee.

Tags: personal, pastel, photoblog

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