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Manikang Hapon
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A Japanese Doll wannabe blog about beauty, fashion and life.

Tags: manikanghapon, etude house, makeup, cosmetics, otaku

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Lara's Cosplay MisAdventures
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Cosplay and Anime diary of your friendly neighborhood Otaku. Recording her adventures in this intriguing world of fantasy in reality. Cosplay is a world of adventures full of trial and error. A labor of love and hobby of sheer passion.

Tags: cosplay, lara novales, anime, otaku, crafts

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✮ ...Nikki-chan's the Real OTAKU Comeback... ✮
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♥ the awakening of the heart of a real OTAKU.... way back from Kenshin's Meiji Era (haha) ♥ .... Japan's Anime World... GET READY!!! ✮✮✮ Ganbatte kudasai, Nikki-Chan!!! ✮✮✮

Tags: otaku, anime, movie, Japanese animation series, manga

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Binary Otaku
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Anime, manga blog.

Tags: anime, manga, otaku, reviews

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Had a dream i was queen, i woke up, still queen..
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Self-proclaimed 'reblog queen' since 2010. I reblog A-L-O-T. Most reblogged "random" posts in tumblr can be seen here.. IT'S A SURREAL.

Tags: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, One Direction, Otaku

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