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Jeepney Psychology
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Para hindi ako mainip, kung ano ano na lang ang iniisip ko nakasakay sa jeep. Minsan naman nagiisip din ako sa ibang lugar pero sa haba ng byahe ko araw araw mas marami akong naiisip sa sasakyan.

Tags: Psychology, Philosophy, Travel, Opinions, Writing Freedom

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Colors and Grays
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About almost everything that I am so passionate about, from my own opinions on politics up to my personal experiences and anything in between.

Tags: Philippines, Opinions, Travel, Commentary, Philippine Government

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Random thoughts - made at a very private place.

Tags: random, technology, opinions, rant, best

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Debris of My Past
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Collection of stories, funny, real stories, stories about life, movie and music reviews, and everything under the sun.

Tags: reviews, opinions, life, rants, stories

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Underdog Boxing
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Underdog Boxing is a blog managed by Carlo Pamintuan. It covers boxing news from around the world viewed through Filipino lenses.

Tags: boxing, pacquiao, news, opinions, Pinoy

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i flaunt

Tags: flaunt, personal, fangirl, opinions, education

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The Blah Blah Notebook
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Random thoughts about anything.

Tags: writing, opinions, drawing, hobbies, memoirs

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My2Cents is my personal blog, documenting my opinions, my thoughts, and the day to day happenings in my life.

Tags: mommy's blog, travel, parenting tips, showbiz, opinions

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The Runaway Mermaid
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The Runaway Mermaid blog is a space for the random dramas, opinions,reviews, anything the author loves and many more.

Tags: random, reviews, opinions

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reian's world
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a wacky world of, college, life, opinions, anime, games and some love in there...

Tags: life, humor, opinions, anime, video games

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A personal blog

Tags: experiences, opinions, comments, views, feelings

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In The Mind of A Modern Filipino
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It about personal opinions, and my views on everything and anything under the sun. My views about life, travel, people, attitude, etc.

Tags: Opinions, Travel, Filipino, Ideas, Essays

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to begin with
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life, events and personal opinions

Tags: computer, engineering, life, opinions, social awareness

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Sounds and Echoes
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Where every words would resound...

Tags: photography, personal stories, opinions, News

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my five fingers blog
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this is my personal blog. It includes tips, how to's , steps to's , etc. it also shows my being opinionated as a blogger.

Tags: my five fingers blog, personal, money online, opinions, tips

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