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Colors and Grays
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About almost everything that I am so passionate about, from my own opinions on politics up to my personal experiences and anything in between.

Tags: Philippines, Opinions, Travel, Commentary, Philippine Government

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The Milo Kid
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A personal blog that talks about anything under the sun. My own personal views.

Tags: Opinions, Views, Ideas, Blogging, Cooking

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Debris of My Past
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Collection of stories, funny, real stories, stories about life, movie and music reviews, and everything under the sun.

Tags: reviews, opinions, life, rants, stories

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Random thoughts - made at a very private place.

Tags: random, technology, opinions, rant, best

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The Blah Blah Notebook
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Random thoughts about anything.

Tags: writing, opinions, drawing, hobbies, memoirs

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to begin with
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life, events and personal opinions

Tags: computer, engineering, life, opinions, social awareness

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My2Cents is my personal blog, documenting my opinions, my thoughts, and the day to day happenings in my life.

Tags: mommy's blog, travel, parenting tips, showbiz, opinions

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i flaunt

Tags: flaunt, personal, fangirl, opinions, education

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This blog would pretty much serve as a window for you to sneak and privy into my personal life...Just like life, my mood also fickles...Minsan masaya, may times n malungkot pero okay lang that's life and I wouldn't have it any other way!...

Tags: travel, love, book lovers, quotes, opinions

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The Runaway Mermaid
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The Runaway Mermaid blog is a space for the random dramas, opinions,reviews, anything the author loves and many more.

Tags: random, reviews, opinions

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A personal blog

Tags: experiences, opinions, comments, views, feelings

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Personal Opinions
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Personal Opinions by me.

Tags: opinions, point of view, personal, lifestyle

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I am a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines. I started blogging more often on Tumblr when I passed the board exam. Hence, the title CPA Bum.

Tags: life, opinions, experiences, ideas, whatever

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World's Greatest Underachiever
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A family-friendly blog that talks about my personal opinion on all kinds of things that are relevant to the typically cash-strapped yet upwardly mobile Filipino professional. And it has links to my adult-oriented blogs too!

Tags: Movies, Food, TV shows, Restaurants, Opinions

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