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Nails My Dreams
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searching for the best nail polish

Tags: nails, nail polish, nail art, nail design, nail care

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Karen Lives High
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I didn't want to admit it, but I'm addicted to polish... (gasp!) There you have it! Hi, my name is Karen and I'm a polish addict. Welcome to my world! Follow me in Instagram and Twitter @karensoyangco

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In a Barbie World
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It's like a day in a life type of blog where you can find interesting pictures and short articles of the current happenings in my life. I mostly post about nail art, road trips, my friends, my dog, our house, food and more things that I get to try!

Tags: roadtrips, nail art, random, cars, photography

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Sharp As Nails by Angela
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Sharp As Nails by Angela is a blog of day-to-day nail art designs, nail polish swatches, nail care tips and tricks and happenings.

Tags: nail art, nail polish, beauty, fashion, nails

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