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Lifebooks and Acts 29 Publishing
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Literature to live by!

Tags: devotional, inspirational, motivational, business, self-help

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Sunlit Neverland
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photoblog of ilevillegas her whimsical thoughts captured in photos

Tags: inspirational quotes, travels, food, photoshop, motivational

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Possibly Maybe Unexpectedly
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Possibly Maybe Unexpectedly (PMU) is a blog that aims to inspire and share God's goodness in our everyday (even those which most consider as mundane). Cheers to life!

Tags: inspirational, Christian, God, devotional, motivational

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I am Yuan
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this is my story of climbing up the wall and seeing another road, when I thought it was already a dead end

Tags: life story, education, inspirational, motivational, family

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This page is the 'pensieve' that keeps my mind's ramblings, the paper that holds my pen's scrawls, the simple note in the music of my life, and the rhyme in the poetry of my dreams.

Tags: reflection, motivational, inspirational, introspective, life

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PhotoGraphic Thoughts
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PhotoGraphic Thoughts is the darkroom that develops the picture of the world as I see it through the lenses of my perception. It contains not just my photos, but also the flashes of thoughts and ruminations I had as I looked into my lenses.

Tags: musings, ramblings, ideas, inspirational, motivational

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Day In The Life of A Glambitious Gurl
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Filipina living in South Africa, a blogger, striving TV Presenter in South Africa, blogs about personal experiences, motivational, tips and advices

Tags: motivational, advices, travel, articles, tips and advices

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