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One Proud Momma
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A blog about my journey in life. Deals with different aspects of being a daughter, mother and wife. Talks about anything that comes to mind worthy of sharing to inspire other people.

Tags: blogging, home, living, relationships, kids

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Living in the Philippines
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This blog describes my experiences living in the Philippines, for good or bad.

Tags: philippines, experience, living, lifestyle, people

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Food as Culture and the Art of Being Pinoy

Tags: food, culture, living, history, art

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Journey To Life
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This blog involves our life encounters (past and present), our travels, experiences and life lessons. It includes our expressions of life, hope and love.

Tags: Living, Family, Weddings, Travels, Journey

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Kim Knows
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This is my blog all about: RELATIONSHIP

Tags: Issues, Relationship, Love, Living, Lifestyle

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Life Walkthroughs
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Life Walkthroughs offers guides & tips about anything under the sun. After all, life should come with a manual. When you have a walkthrough to live by, the world is your oyster! For tips, tricks, guides, & how-to’s, visit Life Walkthroughs.

Tags: how to, guide, tips, life, living

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Scelto:The Chosen One
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my innner thoughts... and anything under the sun and moon!

Tags: keendo, living, personal

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