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whenever ink is needed
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Photos and literary musings of an aspiring architect.

Tags: Photography, Poetry, Prose, Landscape, Experimental

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The Real Miss Hazel F.
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Photos by Hazel.:P

Tags: photography, pinhole, film, landscape

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Photo ramblings of a frustrated photographer

Tags: Sunset, Landscape, Nature, People, Places

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all that charms
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An online portfolio from landscapes to portraits to still-life photography.

Tags: photography, landscape, nature, still-life, images

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Welcome to Gapnud. I am not a professional photographer. I shoot for fun, for the sake of memories, and for the love of photography. Feel free to look around!

Tags: landscape, portrait, philippines, canon, shutter

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Alpha Photography - TUMBLR
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Landscape, musical, cute, food and daily photography!

Tags: photography, cute, landscape, pictures, tumblr

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Adventures with Dos
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I'm a recent photography enthusiast. With my newly owned Nikon D5000, this is basically a photo blog about anything I can shoot of. A diversified photo blog, that is.

Tags: landscape, people, life, things, nature

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