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The Pinoy Site
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Masayang pagtalakay sa buhay Pilipino at buhay Pilipinas. Marami kang mapupulot dito.

Tags: pinoy, pilipinas, komiks, jokes, opinyon

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blog by giosdesk aka Guiao Ricardo Jr. A. Daily Comics of Lakan at Makisig Comic Strip. (stripping daily) Blog also features some of my insights and journal.

Tags: lakan at makisig, giosdesk, komiks, comic strip, webcomics

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Ako ay nagkokomiks.

Tags: andoyman, komiks

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The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee
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The fun and exciting stories and adventures of Milk and Coffee and friends. Filipino Komiks

Tags: Filipino Comics, Filipino Komiks, Komiks, Cartoon, Milk & Coffee

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The World of CFA Magazines
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The Official Blog of Communication Foundation for Asia. We are the publishers of CFA Magazines namely Gospel Now Gospel K Gospel Komiks KidSmarts Pambata

Tags: gospel, Communication Foundation for Asia, education, komiks, CFA Magazines

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The Komiks Advocate
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A blog dedicated to helping in creating, promoting and distributing komiks.

Tags: komiks, advocacy, debate, discussion

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