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CrazyDev ph contains codes in JAVA and PHP you can also download the codes for free

Tags: Java, php, html, swing, free codes

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Crazy Software Developer
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This blog is for more software you can download some of codes here please share and comment in my blog thanks :)

Tags: php, software, sex, java, education

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There're so many people that requesting an application sample so that they can have a better understanding how the program works(or for their activities or assignment), so I decided to make this blog, to share all my software/applications.

Tags: Java, Programs, Javafx, Android, Source Code

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steaming open cup
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physics, linux and java over a hot cup of coffee.

Tags: physics, linux, java, android

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Technology for All
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Hello, Practical Technology!

Tags: OpenSource, Google Gadget, Ajax, Java

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