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A music porn that will make you eargasmic!

Tags: indie, music, style, fashion, culture

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Judging me is your job,proving you wrong is mine...

Tags: photography, girl, vintage, indie, fashion

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A blog highlighting quality Filipino (Philippine) Independent Films

Tags: indie, pinoy, movies, films, Philippines

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Wander Infinitely
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Currently an exchange student in France. My travel blog features my adventures in different parts of the world. :-)

Tags: personal, photography, indie, lifestyle, music

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Jeepney Joyride
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Jeepney Joyride is a ska/punk/rock indie band. Their songs convey the Filipino traits and characteristics based on experiences in real life. All in all, anyone can relate to their piece of music.

Tags: jeepney joyride, pinoy ska, ska, greenluntian, indie

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Fascinating Strange Days
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Rushmorebelle aka Ria. Aquarius. mid-20s. I'm usually bored on most days that's why I bedroom dance to indie rock & roll to keep me entertained.

Tags: indie rocknroll, indie, traveling, personal, music

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A Thousand Thoughts (And Not The Time To Explain)
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Rants, raves, reviews, references to pop culture, and a whole lot of other stuff fleshed out into this cyberuniverse to ease the burden of an already exhausted and outstretched mind.

Tags: pop culture, indie, music, movies, art

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