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Digital Brew
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Just some articles and pictures of my travel, daily adventures, and things I love to comment about.

Tags: philippine life, travel, manila, iloilo, life

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Ilonggo sa Desyerto
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Ilonggo sa Desyerto (Ilonggo in the Desert) documents the Saudi Arabian based Filipino migrant worker’s opinions on life, politics, the world, religion and everything else under the sun.

Tags: Iloilo, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Personal

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this blog is purely made out of rumination: from history to philosophy; from culture to arts.

Tags: iloilo, filipino culture, history, philosophy

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Wobbly Khid
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To start things of, this is another blog about nothing in particular. Whatever lands in my brain, I will write it here. have a read -- you might enjoy it. Of course you might not. But it's worth a try.

Tags: art osuyos, Wobbly Khid, Pinoy, Iloilo, Pilipinas

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