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Charotero - A Personal Technology Blog
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A Personal Technical Reviews and Blog

Tags: computers, technology, tech, software, hardware

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A blog for Troubleshooting tutorials, Software Installation,Programming, etc...

Tags: Hardware, Software, Tutorials, Programming, Troubleshooting

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Montoya's Computer Repair Tips
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Tutorials for computer repair, computer diagnose, computer troubleshoot, software repair, hardware repair, pc repair tools, laptop repair,pc repair toolkit, computer technician, computer tips and tricks, etc.

Tags: Computer Repair, Troubleshooting, Software, Hardware, PC Tutorial

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The Techie Bro'
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A blog about computers, tweaks and tips, DIYs tech projects and IT related issues written by a Pinoy PC enthusiast.

Tags: computers, Internet, troubleshooting, hardware, software

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ED's All About Computer
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Tips and views on software, hardware and internet.

Tags: software, hardware, internet

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