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Designers Depot
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This blog is also here to showcase the artworks of up and coming talents, give each other ideas and tips as well as feedbacks and criticisms for our works.

Tags: graphics, art, design, photoshop brushes, tutorials

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Birthday Greetings
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Birthday Greeting Design, share and greet friend in facebook, twitter, email.

Tags: Birthday, Graphics, Arts Design, anime, Birthday messages

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Personal blog of K. Roque. personal posts, literature, and mostly graphics art, blog designs. Freelance blogging.

Tags: graphics, personal, design, Philippines, arts

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Amprints Design
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We offer Graphic design & printing services such as: Personalized Photo Invitation, Tarpaulin/Banner, Flyer/Pamphlet, Bizcard (calling card), Sign Board for all occasions, Logo Design et al.

Tags: amprints, design, graphics, printing, art

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