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Designers Depot
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This blog is also here to showcase the artworks of up and coming talents, give each other ideas and tips as well as feedbacks and criticisms for our works.

Tags: graphics, art, design, photoshop brushes, tutorials

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Pao Graphics
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Pao Graphics is launched to Help Designers and Developers Find the Good Inspirations before creating their works. Free Creative Facebook Cover Designs 100% Free and Editable(PSD), Birthday Tarpaulin Designs, Awesome Photoshop Tutorials and resources.

Tags: photoshop, facebook, graphics, download, tutorial

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Birthday Greetings
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Birthday Greeting Design, share and greet friend in facebook, twitter, email.

Tags: Birthday, Graphics, Arts Design, anime, Birthday messages

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Pixel Lodge
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Pixel Artworks made for fun. Collection of my art ranging from Game Graphics, Fanart, Tilesets, Sprites and other interests. >D

Tags: pixels, fanart, sprites, graphics, artworks

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Codes and Pixels Blog
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Blog of Codes and Pixels, a Philippine company specializing in webhosting, graphics and website design, advertising, SEO/SMO, adgiants, events and outsourcing

Tags: Webhosting, Website Design and Development, SEO/SMO, Programming, Graphics

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JUMPing to your DREAM~
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[Gallery Added] Features jdoramas or movies or anime that I've watched, books that I've read, etc. It includes reviews, updates and many more. Don't forget to check regularly for I may add other features. Enjoy!

Tags: jdrama, books, anime, music, graphics

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