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Darlene Sanguenza: Filipino Web and Graphic Designer (also web 2.0)
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Expressing Life Through Art by Darlene Sanguenza, a Filipino Web and Graphic Designer and Web 2.0 Designer /illustrator. An artist at heart, I draw inspiration from people, nature, music, and things I encounter in my daily sojourns.

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Graphics Design By Nilo
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I am Nilo Evangelista, a Filipino and a full time senior graphic art director in the Philippines. A graphic artist by profession who love photoshop, illustrator, painting. If you need design, visit my site Graphics Design By Nilo.

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Jeipi Mijares
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I blog things that I do, things that I like, and everything about myself and those around me. Activities and events, favorite and hobby's, technology and gadgets, graphic and designs, and music. Specially Kpop.

Tags: jeipi mijares, music, fashion, gadget, graphic designer

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