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This blog is about anything I find interesting. I love coding. I hate designing. But you have to have both to survive in the internets!

Tags: technology, random, gadgets, geek, programming

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Geek Pinoy
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Philippine geek culture at it's best including but no limited to cosplay events, toys and action figures and interesting stuff in the Philippines and around the world.

Tags: geek, Philippines, toys, cosplay, collectibles

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Chubibo boy's Life
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Anything that my mind wanted to say i write

Tags: everything, humor, geek, opinion, music

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Geeky Juan
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Displaying the geek side by empowering the future through data mining and data preservation gathered throughout the years.

Tags: geek, technology, reviews, tutorials, news

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LadyRaggedyCat's Lair
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Has a bit of everything that falls under my interests, but mostly I geek out on various things, gush over Tolkien and ThunderCats, and have fun. :P

Tags: reviews, geek, cosmetics, miscellaneous, hobbies

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Just my everyday thoughts on everything that is on everyone's mind, or so i think. A geek's eyed view of the world.

Tags: pinoy humor, geek, movies, television, books

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Eat. Geek. Travel.
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A 20 something's journey to fulfill her food, geekdom and travel cravings.

Tags: travel, geek, food, girl

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A blog catered for geeks. Read posts about current games, gadgets and sci-fi and fantasy based movies, tv shows etc.

Tags: geek, videogames, technology, movies, entertainment

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Philippine Technology
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Bringing you the latest Philippine technology.

Tags: technology, pinoy, philippines, geek, techie

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Geeky Fridays with Aencille
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Aencille is a 20-year old writer slash artist slash cosplayer slash gamer. The world is my canvas, and I paint with words. An odd ball, others say, but I prefer misunderstood.

Tags: geek, anime, writing, press release, personal

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Eat. Geek. Travel.
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Adventures of a 20-something who eats, geeks and travels - as long as her wallet permits it.

Tags: wanderlust, geek, tech, food

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