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Jan De Joya | The Free-Spirited Freelancer
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A blog focused on giving the latest information about working from home in the Philippines.

Tags: work from home, philippine outsourcing, working from home, freelancing, freelancer

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Blogger Mother
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A personal blog of a call-center agent-turned freelancer about parenting and freelancing, and her reviews for best travel destinations

Tags: travel, blogging, family, freelancing, gardening

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Philippine Virtual Assistant Network
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Global community of Virtual Assistants fostering camaraderie and unity among Filipino VAs around the world.

Tags: Virtual Assistant Philippines, Work at Home, online jobs, freelancing, Filipino Virtual Assistant

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excuse my geek
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A bacolod based geek's blog providing tips, reviews and insights on online services, gadgets and local go-to's.

Tags: gadgets, tech, freelancing, Bacolod, reviews

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I complain a lot and sometimes it feels like a full-time job. I also talk a lot about my classic Volkswagen Beetle, movies, video games, and random bits about freelancing.

Tags: movies, reklamadora, volkswagen beetle, freelancing, sarcasm

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BlackCat's Cave
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This is a Blog on Life, Travel Destinations, Healthy Living, Relationships and Anything Worth Talking About,.

Tags: Healthy Living, Travel, Travel Destinations, Relationships, Freelancing

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