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Lifestyle Check 101
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Lifestyle Check 101 - a course on life. Reflect on your life through another man's eyes. Reality. Inspiration. Happiness.

Tags: life, thoughts, how-to guidelines, artisan jewelry, film review

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Defying Limitations
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Blog by Althier Alianza She takes photographs & does vector graphics & photo manipulations. She also does traditional art when she has time. She writes movie reviews; and directs and edits videos shot by her & her friends.

Tags: vector, graphic design, photography, film review, video

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Sassy Critic
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"An informative blog that features and reviews different topics such as film, travel, food, lifestyle, books and etc."

Tags: book review, film review, food review, travel/leisure

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Audientication is a quirky entertainment blog with news, reviews, recaps, rants, and random rambles concerning motion pictures, society, people, and the world wide audience from a fresh, young, Filipina perspective.

Tags: film review, movies, gossip girl, upcoming, spoilers

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