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The Boy Who Fell Asleep In the Kitchen
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A blog dedicated to the Philippines, The Pearl of the Orient, My Mother Land. Feeding you National Pride through the appreciation of Filipino cuisine.

Tags: food, restaurant, feature

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A collection of feature stories, poetry, etc.

Tags: literature, poetry, feature

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Talaan ng mga nangyayari sa buhay ko.

Tags: Jeka, Lovelife, giveaway, Blog, feature

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Surf the World
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A blog by Emman Sualog, of PUP-Manila. I took pictures and videos of the wonders of the world, from streets to huge sceneries. Editorial, Feature and Literary Articles about Philippines and other parts of the world are seen in this.

Tags: Photography, Literature, Editorial, Feature, Travel

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BUTINGTINGS is an Online Shop brainstormed and establish by a young and dynamic team.

Tags: feature, tumblr ask, collection, customers

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