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Senyorita Lakwachera
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Chronicle of travel stories, personal on and off the road experiences and photographic take away.

Tags: Travel, Photography, Story, Experience, Itinerary

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Spread Some Awesome
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Set foot on the best places in the Philippines and start spreading some awesomeness..

Tags: Food, Travel, Beach, Awesome, Experience

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It is all about my adventures as a mom, a wife, a daughter and as an individual.

Tags: mommy blog, food and travel, experience, babies, toddlers and kids, motherhood

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San Sa 'pinas?!
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'San sa 'pinas?! means "Where in the Philippines?!" in Filipino. A blog which features exciting places around the Philippines.

Tags: falls, pilipinas, experience, beach, hiking

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Eat, Pray and Blog
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An account of pretty much anything and everything under the sun

Tags: lifestyle, events, food, travel, experience

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LOVE's Haven
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A place full of LOVE!

Tags: love, family, life, experience, motherhood

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My so-called Experimented Blog
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An online diary. The blogger writes what she experimented in different facets of life.

Tags: review, personal, beauty, travel, experience

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Leave the cube
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This blog is dedicated to documenting time spent outside of the office from gastronomic adventures to new travel experiences.

Tags: experience, explore, discover, risk, enjoy

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Comfort Over Style
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Personal stuff, outfit of the day, travel posts, and many more.

Tags: fashion, ootd, travel, places, experience

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Astral Strings
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just about anything

Tags: student, experience, books, life, lessons

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Living in the Philippines
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This blog describes my experiences living in the Philippines, for good or bad.

Tags: philippines, experience, living, lifestyle, people

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Happiness is always a Choice.
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This is an extension of my reality. I don't mean to impress, but I intend to share and inspire you with my experiences. You may not know me personally but hey, I might make a difference in your life today.

Tags: love, experience, advice, relationship, nursing

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travels, food, fashion, beauty and etc!

Tags: travels, food, Japan, experience, historical sites

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Food Trip Manila!!!
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Food Experiences by RoadieManila!!!

Tags: Food, Manila, Experience, Reviews, Restaurants

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Wandering Pinoy
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A blog about a Pinoy traveling around the world, one place at a time.

Tags: backpacker, Europe, Earth, Pinoy, Experience

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scribbling life
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a personal blog of random thoughts of the author

Tags: thoughts, life, relationship, business, experience

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Among the Ruins
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I'm Rudolph Villanueva, 20, a 5th year architecture student. aspiring writer and blogger, wants to be a videographer, frustrated photographer, 3d visualizer and renderer, loves walking in Roxas blvd., blogger wanna be. :)

Tags: family, experience, architecture, personal, travel & leisure

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It's about fashion, beauty and life. I post looks on fashion and beauty.

Tags: fashion, beauty, life, experience

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Ahne's Cubicle
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There are great upcoming festivities happening around and I don't want to sulk while everybody/everything is being merry. And for sure there will be finds that are worth sharing, events that are worth remembering and friends who are worth keeping.

Tags: life journey, experience, emotions

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Aniah's Blog
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"The mind is a dangerous place to dwell in." A blog that discusses personal life experiences. It's mostly about anything.

Tags: life, emo, writing, experience, thoughts

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Mostly about my personal life and my art works

Tags: illustration, experience

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La Bella Vita
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This is just to survive insanity and boredom! It contains everything from my whereabouts, daily happenings and even my darkest secrets! Pretty much anything under the sun. :)

Tags: experience, love, life, everything

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a record of experiences
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Recording personal matters that makes sense.

Tags: Growth, Sharing, Experience, Leadership, Goals

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Abetzky Go
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Blogger, Choir singer, Traveler, Fashion victim, Frustrated photographer, Amateur sketch artist, Pack rat.

Tags: abetzkygo, life blog, experience, lifestyle blog, angelbert gonzales

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