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munir ardi
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blog ng mga tala tungkol sa mga kagiliw-giliw na mga bagay sa buhay

Tags: education, game, news

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Statistics for MomsterTeacher
The Chronicles of Nanay Dew: The LIONess mom, the beWITCHing wife, and the teacher with a nice WARDROBE

Tags: product reviews, parenting, fashion, mommy blog, education

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Mommy Mecheel
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all about my life as a singlemom, how a miracle baby change my life, day to day life journal, learnings on the web,

Tags: home and living, children, parenting, technology, education

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School Hints
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An Online Resource for Teachers, Parents, Tutors, and Students

Tags: free worksheets, elementary subjects, filipino teacher, education, public school

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Tinokla Scribbles and Doodles
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A personal blog on getting masters degree on education, life as a pre-school teacher, parenting , whims and wants

Tags: parenting, education, whims, wants

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rizal college of laguna
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blog that more focuses on information for education,history

Tags: education, literature, history, health, news

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My Simple Thoughts
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A blog about political, social, current affairs, entertainment, arts, photography, personal essays, and social networking.

Tags: Education, Politics, Social, Laws and Bills, Philippines

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Skysenshi: A Kikay Geek's Hobby Blog
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A lady hermit's musings about a mishmash of things from geekery to kikay stuff -- discussing issues on family, health and beauty, education, visual arts, literature, music, movies, technology, food and everything in between.

Tags: arts, food, education, lifestyle, technology

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Casual Sentiments
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MGVDR expresses her casual sentiments about beauty, fashion, environment, politics, health, love, education, lifestyle, movies, songs, and life in general.

Tags: beauty, lifestyle, environment, fashion, education

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Mom's the Word
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The Misadventures of Parenting in a Mixed Up World

Tags: education, nutrition, recreation, entertainment, health

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TurfSite Manila
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Personal Website of Robert DC. Reyes -- educator, technopreneur, aviator, and father to Robyn Andi Xeon.

Tags: bobreyes, blog, technology, education, mozilla

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School Management
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Basic Guidelines, Policies, and Rules in Providing Education

Tags: Education, Mangement, Policies, Guidelines, Rules

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Statistics for HYPER LENSES
HYPER LENSES. Shifting Views on One and So Many Details. It's all about personal experiences, viewpoint regarding social issues, and how I see life.

Tags: Reaction, sports and recreation, education, Politics and Government, social issues

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Views on life, love, movies, songs, and current trends.

Tags: love, life, movies, songs, education

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Stories. Sights. Sounds. Stanzas. Segues.

Tags: education, psychology, language, journal, life

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Photo Memoirs
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This blog gives out my personal style and experiences. My posts are my photography work of art, fashion finds, seldom outfit, and random photos which shows my interest about anything. I posts also my experience in the field of teaching.

Tags: personal, fashion, photography, music, education

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Pinoy Pharmacists
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Health and Fitness, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Education, Business, and random thoughts.

Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Education, Business, Fitness

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The Chronicles of Nanay Dew: The lioness mother, the witchy wife, and the teacher with a nice wardrobe.

Tags: parenting, upcat, fashion, education, marriage

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I am Yuan
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this is my story of climbing up the wall and seeing another road, when I thought it was already a dead end

Tags: life story, education, inspirational, motivational, family

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The World of CFA Magazines
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The Official Blog of Communication Foundation for Asia. We are the publishers of CFA Magazines namely Gospel Now Gospel K Gospel Komiks KidSmarts Pambata

Tags: gospel, Communication Foundation for Asia, education, komiks, CFA Magazines

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Statistics for I FLAUNT
i flaunt

Tags: flaunt, personal, fangirl, opinions, education

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Today's Gazette
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This blog contains fresh and timely news on politics, education, entertainment, lifestyle and sports

Tags: News, Politics, Education, Entertainment, Sports

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Early Learning Tips and Guide
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This blog is about education and tips and guide in learning .There are also bugtong, parabula, alamat and salawikain

Tags: education, learning tips and guide, Learning, alamat, bugtong

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Manilenya Mom
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This blog, Manilenya Mom was given birth in a desperate attempt to create a more decent portfolio for my writings, as my poor attempt to hone my skills in frustrated authorship and composition in writing, of anything I thought to find blog-worthy.

Tags: Personal, Education, Motivation, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Family

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A blog of random things in the life of boyetme.

Tags: Math, Education, Personal, Movies, Politics

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Me, Myself and Jes
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All about Me being a Mom, Wife, a Realtor, Godparent, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Aunt and Enemy. My life, my love ones, my likes and dislikes, and anything under the sun i like to talk about!

Tags: Education, Family, Women, lovelife, real estate

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Beauty in Solitude: The Darkness Within and Without
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The thoughts and works of an educator from the Philippines

Tags: poetry, literature, education, teachers, poems

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I am a Blogging Occupational Therapist.

Tags: occupational therapy, special education, education, rehabilitation, disability

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The Father and Son Chronicles
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The story of the father and son who are trying to be together despite the distance.

Tags: school, education, father, son, family

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Psychology and Stuff
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psychological facts and news and some stuffs.

Tags: Science, Education, Opinion, Psychology, Student

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I Keep Love Real
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Support Blog Teens with a mission of Spreading the Real Love Revolution in the Philippines and the World

Tags: Love, Real Love, Relationships, Education, Teens

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a Carpenter's Wife's Tool Box
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It's a carpenter's wife's takes on inter-racial marriage and life in general in her adopted home Maine and culture shock and challenges.

Tags: inter-racial marriage, Maine, USA, Photography, Education, Running

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Throughout its existence
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This is the official blogsite of Lourdes College-Social Work program.

Tags: Education, Motivation, Achievement, Social Workers, Social Work

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My Leadership Toolbox
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What every LEADER should know. LEADERS that build good relationships, LEADERS who run effective organizations and LEADERS who help shape a better future.

Tags: leadership, management, marketing, entrepreneur, education

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Thinking and Teaching
Statistics for Thinking and Teaching
Deep and shallow thoughts about education. Random and fleeting visions of reality, truth, knowledge, good, and beauty. Questions and observations about life and the universe. Anything that keeps boredom at bay. By Mike A.G. Muega, U.P., Diliman.

Tags: teaching, thinking, education, knowledge, philosophy

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Statistics for suprematics
Suprematics is a type of blog dealing with educational information which enable to help learner to be educated in a certain type of information that is suited in their interest.

Tags: Education, suprematics, educational interest, technology,, religion, leadership: Governtment and Politic

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nurse meisters
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a blog for nurses and nursing students.

Tags: nursing, nurse, education, health, medicine

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Yena's World
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A blog about my daughter's milestones. This is mainly a parenting blog where i share about my life as a mother. This blog’s ranking in Google is 3, has a number of followers and an estimate of 2000 visits a month.

Tags: motherhood, parenting, baby and kids, books, education

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It's my blog where I freely express all my opinions about what's happening around me, society and my life in general.

Tags: personal, nurse, doctors, education, social

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The Family Blog
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Blog for family

Tags: family, education, food, baking, blog

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Pinoy Student Journal
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Collection of Important Updates for Students

Tags: Education, Pinoy Student, Online Journal, Filipino Students, Student Online Resource

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Gusot Mayaman
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Ang Gusot Mayaman ay hindi lamang para sa mga may kaya sa buhay. Para din ito sa mga taong simple at nangangarap. Balang araw ang aking barong ay 'GUSOT MAYAMAN'

Tags: quotes, personal, education, rantz, crazy

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