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Loveandelegance is a blog about beauty and fashion. Aside from that, is serves as the blogger's diary for her daily experiences, dreams and stories in life.

Tags: loveandelegance, beauty, fashion, dreams, love

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sweetest downfall
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Personal blog of her dreams and dramatic reality.

Tags: tumblr, travel, music, photography, dreams

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Day Dreamin'
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Hello :">

Tags: Qoutes, Dreams, Photos, Fashion, LifeEvents

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Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl
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A personal blog of a young dreamer about food, fashion, culture, life and the what-nots of it.

Tags: food, fashion, life, thoughts, dreams

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its more fun to play with the real teletubbies lol this is a random post from a hit or miss mind hihihi

Tags: Personal, Life, emotions, Dreams, inspiration

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Kiseki and photographs
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A dreamer's photography blog. Pure randomness and love.

Tags: photography, stories, dreams, miracles

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Panaginip Lamang
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Isinusulat dito ang tungkol sa aking panaginip sa pagtulog at tungkol na rin sa misteryo ng buhay.

Tags: panaginip, dreams, life, buhay, allenjambalaya

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Mga Panaginip At Iba Pa
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A blog about personal dreams and it's possible meaning and other interesting things and events.

Tags: dreams, panaginip, bangungot, weird, interpretations

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Dream Fulfill-er
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I post to inspire with all of my desire. A Blog full of sense. I post more about the people today and sometimes I post random book statements.

Tags: dreams, goals, advice, reality, dreams, write up, text, life

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My work, my frustration, my all-in-all compilation

Tags: Reveries, Essays, Dreams, Poetry, Stories

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Modern Witchcraft
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Sexy Nomad is also a Baby Wiccan who practices modern witchcraft. And as such, she goes by the words of her two most favorite modern day witches, Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray (1996) ... "Believe in yourself and in the absolute power of love.&qu

Tags: witchcraft, wiccan, spells, dreams, psychic

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leah thinks like it is.
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movies, life, food, dreams & reality.

Tags: movies, random, reality, dreams, life

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Travels and Dreams by Leslie Navarra
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This blog is all about an overview of my life and adventures as a Cabin Crew. I hope to share and inspire aspiring FA's who wants to travel the world and reach for their dreams. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Tags: Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew, Journey, Travels, Dreams

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17. Male. Pinoy ♥. Sarcastic. Adamsonian. Seminarian. Adventurous.

Tags: tumblr, quotes, reflections, dreams

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