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This is where I share my photography, art, crafts, read books and watched films.

Tags: photography, crochet, fantasy, davao, drawings

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A Restless Wind Inside a Letterbox
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Katrina Teh is a manila-based visual artist who graduated from the UP College of Fine Arts. This is a repository for her artworks, photographs, inspirations, adventures and everyday musings

Tags: art, illustration, drawings

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B.R.I.G.H.T. Art Class
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A blog site that showcases individual artwork, teach art lessons, and feature anything about art; Aims to encourage the students of B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy to express his ideas and feelings creatively, individually, and freely.

Tags: art, projects, drawings, students, pictures

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RizzaMaruja's Haven
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Random post mostly about arts, photography, personal, diary and literature. This is where I escape reality and put all my craps on. :)

Tags: drawings, photography, photos, Arts, Sketches

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The Curious Files of Valerie
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The Curious Files of Valerie is a collection of notes and doodles on whatever book I am reading. I cannot assure you that the entries will not contain spoilers. Though, I will try my very best to not take away anything from your own reading experience.

Tags: review, books, drawings, journal, valerie

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City sketches of an Urban Sketcher worldwide member

Tags: sketch, philippines, drawings, city sketches, Urban Sketcher

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Yashiro's Arts and Graphic Artworks
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All my personal artworks.

Tags: arts, graphic arts, painting, drawings, sketches

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