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Life After Breakfast
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Alessandra Lanot is a crafter & designer. Life After Breakfast is a blog about her creative adventures, which begin after the most important meal of the day.

Tags: DIY, handmade, crafts, design, travel

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The Pink Doormat
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The Pink Doormat is a blog about crafts, DIY, decor and food

Tags: crafts, interior, decor, diy, homemade

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A Diary of My Life and Works

Tags: digital scrapbooking, crafts, fashion, arts, home

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The Adventures and Misadventures of Mrs. Panda
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This Blog is all about diy and craft addictions, food, staycations, great shopping finds, home stuff shopping and the adventures and misadventures of Mrs. Panda - ex corporate slave now a 1 year old undomesticated wife.

Tags: diy, foodie views, crafts, staycations, great finds

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Renz Creations: Invitations and Giveaways
Statistics for Renz Creations: Invitations and Giveaways
Made-to-order handcrafted invitations and giveaways for any special occasions

Tags: invitations, giveaways, favors, crafts, souvenir

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Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
Statistics for Of Pinks and Fairy Tales
Projects on crafts, sewing, crochet, digital scrapbooking, jewelry design, toy collecting and anything under the sun

Tags: crafts, sewing, crochet, jewelry, scrapbookig

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Life of a 21-year old girl, who has a fetish for bracelets, diys, colorful threads, fancy notebooks, riding roller coasters and bumming at beaches.

Tags: DIY, Crafts, Fashion, Bracelet, Food

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Statistics for Houselements
Houselements is all about my activities and ideas regarding home improvements, do-it-yourself projects, recipes, money matters, and saving tips. It also includes fruit and vegetable health benefits information.

Tags: Home Improvements, Money Matters, Recipes, Health, Crafts

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Wanderlust Rêves
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A 17 year old wanderlust, dreamer, aspiring letterer and an Eiffel tower geek.

Tags: lettering, lifestyle, inspiration, arts, crafts

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Our Family Blogs About...
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Our Family Blogs About is a compilation of posts from Crafts by Momaye, When Chemist Dad Cooks and My Captured Moments.

Tags: crocheting, crafts, food and recipe, photography, family and parenting

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Create & Recycle fashion. Blogs about thoughts, fashion & DIY.

Tags: Fashion, DIY, Design, Crafts, Thoughts

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Connie's Notebook
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Sharing snippets of stories and images from my daily life

Tags: family, motherhood, parenting, crafts, kids

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Invisible + Stilettos
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A blog about fashion, food, home decor, crafts, and DIYs :)

Tags: DIY, fashion, crafts, home decor, food

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14 | Online Portfolio and Personal Website of Trisha Sales
Statistics for | Online Portfolio and Personal Website of Trisha Sales is the Online Portfolio and Personal Website of Trisha Sales containing her blog, artworks, and written works. © Trisha Sales 2009-2013 All Rights Reserved

Tags: trisha sales, trishasales, writing, art, crafts

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Personal diary of one lady from the Philippines. Her daily inspirations and adventures told in pictures. Her love for books, film, music, crafts, gardening and many more.

Tags: crafts, gardening, interior design, photography, books

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A blog about DIYs and everything in between. She loves posting DIYs and tutorials so watch out for that!

Tags: Seasalthair, DIY, Tutorials, Crafts, How to

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Little Rock Creations
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A blog of how-to's, DIY, crafts, design and product reviews.

Tags: how to, DIY, crafts, reviews, tips

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Lucid Dreaming
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Erikka's collection of outfits, DIYs, Hauls, and many more.

Tags: DIY, Outfits, Fashion, Crafts, Arts

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The Four-Eyed Wonder
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Allie is a designer and a self-proclaimed four-eyed wonder. Being able to create is her ultimate joy in life. This is where she shares snippets of her life, her work, and her love for all things quirky and wonderful.

Tags: personal, design, crafts, diy, home decor

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Party of Three
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The adventures of Marriage. Parenting. Balancing work and family.

Tags: crafts, travel, food, marriage, parenting

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Life's Concealed Details
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my imagination - my photography journey

Tags: hobbies, photography, digiscrapbooking, crafts, photo layout

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Mabuhay DIY!
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Celebrating the art of the handmade

Tags: art, craft, arts, crafts

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Little Miss Pinay Crafter
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A Filipina craft enthusiast documents her handmade lovelies, favorite things, as well as travel and kitchen adventures.

Tags: crafts

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Chrisitne Writes
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Tags: Travel, food trip, Crafts, Curtains, fashion

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Lara's Cosplay MisAdventures
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Cosplay and Anime diary of your friendly neighborhood Otaku. Recording her adventures in this intriguing world of fantasy in reality. Cosplay is a world of adventures full of trial and error. A labor of love and hobby of sheer passion.

Tags: cosplay, lara novales, anime, otaku, crafts

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Statistics for iamlonelytoes
my blog talk about my personal life, raising my baby boy, recipes. books, crafts, and being stay-at-home-bread- winner. not easy but i am getting there...

Tags: personal, mommy, recipes, books, crafts

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Funky Junkie Nars
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I blog to show arts & crafts while being frugal, to give information that’s based from my experiences, and many others that I believe will be of help to the readers.

Tags: arts, crafts, nursing, life, personal

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Artsy Niko
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A blog where I talk about my artistic side, my take on photography, on my crafts with needles or cross stitching and a lot more. This is fairly a new blog that only started March of 2010. But it has quite a number of followers already.

Tags: arts, crafts, photos, leisure, recreation

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Challenging Arts & Crafts
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absolutely gorgeous little creations, simple food, baking adventures, gardening ideas, inspirations

Tags: Food, Gardening, DIY, Home & Living, Crafts

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House of Isla
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chronicles of style, inspirations and love for photography...making her own niche in the arts, crafts, fashion, illustration and all the other whatnots she fancies!

Tags: fashion, crafts, diy, photography

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Food, crafting, photos, tech, travel, and anything in between.

Tags: food, recipes, crafts, photography, personal

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Pretty in a Box
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Pretty projects which I would like to share to you and to the world! Ideas just come and the blog aims to chronicle them. Mostly these are my craftventures, art projects, ideas and style gigs… lots of handmade love. :)

Tags: crafts, motherhood, event style, diy, parties

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Simply Average
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A blog of everyday randomness. The ups and downs, crazy and stupid, the beautiful and ugliness of life. Reviews, food, photography, handmade, crafts, and a lot more

Tags: handmade, photography, movies, crafts, books

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Crafts and Vogue
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This blog features practical ideas about beauty, fashion, art and life in general.

Tags: beauty, fashion, crafts, diy, tips

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abrille constantino's online DIARY

Tags: personal, abrille constantino, wisdom, crafts, nice

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Thrifty Crafty Things
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Learn how to do crafts without having to spend a fortune. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. Anyone CAN craft

Tags: crafts, projects, diy, scrapbook

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Statistics for Caterwauling
I like cats, music|art|lit, crafty messes, unicorns and skulls, clothes, makeup, vintage stuff and useless trinkets. I'm also a first-time mom to a chunky baby boy and wife to an awesome hubby.

Tags: mommy, diy, beauty, crafts, wedding

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the weekend artist
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an art/inspiration blog which catalogues the weekend artist's works.

Tags: crafts, watercolor, artist, weekend, inspirational

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Mai Life Rocks (Escapade)
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Originally a personal online diary. Now, progressing into posts categories such as travel, family, love, motivations, tips, do it yourself, and a lot more.

Tags: travel, inspiration, vacation, love, crafts

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The Ghetto Mom
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This blog is about the misadventures of Shanna in the world of mommyhood.

Tags: kids fashion, crafts, travel, kids activities, family love

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Rainbow Dreeeams
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This blog filled with the passion for crafts, by a forever-teen year old girl.

Tags: crafts, arts, bracelet, do-it-yourself

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It's about recycling, the Philippine scenery, arts and crafts...

Tags: recycling, Philippines, green, crafts, sceneries

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The Frugal General
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Frugal Living in General Santos City.

Tags: frugal lifestyle, shopping deals, online shopping, online deals, crafts

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Kaleidoscopic Psyche
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Personal blog slash online journal about the awesome and not-so-awesome randomness and its beautiful benches. Basically a mix of my mental blocks, my little miss, photography, DIYs, arts & literature, and a pint of fashion what-nots.

Tags: projects, crafts, diy, arts, literature

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