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communication kingdom
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a blog that discusses anything and everything about communication (specifically ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION) how it can be applied and how it affects our life and our culture.

Tags: OrCom, Organizational Communication, UP Manila, Ace Acosta, Communication

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Babbling on organizational communication, public relations, and social media.

Tags: communication, public relations, marketing, social media, corporate communication

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Organizational Communication + Real-life Paradigms = This Blog

Tags: Organizational Communication, University of the Philippines Manil, Communication, New Media

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San Pablo Media Ministry
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Official Page of the San Pablo Diocese Catholic Social Communications Ministry

Tags: san pablo diocese, mass media, communication, ministry, catholic

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Sarcasm is an Art
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Where Vianne shares her insights and rants regarding communication and the cyberworld. Sarcasm included.

Tags: communication, vianne, organizational communication, internet, orcom

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The Commwhore's Boudoir
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Are you a communication savvy looking for a corporate yet sexy read? The Commwhore's Boudoir is perfect for you! Join the online commwhore as she ventures into the world of New Social Media.

Tags: Organizational Communication, UP Manila, Commnication Trends and Styles, Communication, New Social Media

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Little Miss Straightbangs
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Paula Batalla, a UP Manila-BA Organizational Communication student, enters the realm of New Social Media as Little Miss Straightbangs. In style, we ramp along with organizations as they use new social media as their way forward.

Tags: New Social media, Organizational Communication, UP Manila, Orcom, communication

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Arvin Razon
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An aspiring communication specialist, Arvin Razon chronicles his thoughts and insights about new media and its impact to the booming communication industry in the Philippines.

Tags: organizational communication, communication, UP Manila, Philippines, orcom

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Barry's Comm Capsule
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Prescriptions for healthy organizational communication.

Tags: communication, organizational communication, social media, corporate communication, public relations

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Linking everything under the sun with the power of Communication

Tags: UP Manila, social network, communication, advertising, public relations

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