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The Teenage Queen
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A blog by the teenage queen, Hershey Neri

Tags: fashion, college, personal, beauty, lifestyle

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Your source of all things volleyball.

Tags: Volleyball, UAAP, Shakey's V-League, College

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Buhay Kolehiyo
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A one stop haven for all your scholarly needs, including news, books, and tools.

Tags: Buhay Kolehiyo, College, Universities, ebooks, School

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I Collect Thoughts
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Online photography dump of a college kid's love for travel, life, and food.

Tags: photography, travel, food, college, tumblr

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Thesis and Research Writing - PH
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Learn to write your own thesis. Everyone can help you.

Tags: thesis, research, writing, philippines, college

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Carpe Diem
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This is a personal blog that aims to publish my not so interesting rant or stories about my college life and my life thereafter. It may include crazy stuff, book/tv series/movie reviews, and other things I'm fond of. So there... Enjoy! :)

Tags: college, books, tv series, movies, business

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The Meraki Life
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Meraki- a Greek word that means doing something with soul, creativity, or love. I'm a little weird.

Tags: college, humor, social awareness, nerdfighter, arts

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Isko Lar's Diary: Elbizen Experience
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Francisco "Isko" Lar is a freshman student in UPLB. Follow his adventures and give/get advice on how to survive college.

Tags: college, UPLB, scholarship, college life, University of the Philippines

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Bohemian Deluxe
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writer. sartorialist. tree hugging hippie. a free spirit. A restless soul. A rainbow in the sky. Living in a beautiful, happy mess. I decided to start this blog in order to share my bottled up ideas regarding fashion. Peace and lots of love!

Tags: fashion, college, casual, bohemian deluxe, fashionblog

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Quite Fine, Thanks.
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QFT is meant to be a repository of unnecessary ramblings, strange hang-ups, useless lists, uncalled-for obsessions and other such things. Most of the time, I talk about pop culture, movies, literature, vegetarianism, and being a college kid.

Tags: Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Literature, Vegetarianism, College

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