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Thesis and Research Writing - PH
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Learn to write your own thesis. Everyone can help you.

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Statistics for OPERATION: FIX LIFE
This is a personal blog composed of my mundane life stories as a student, daughter and lover. I also post some of the inspirations I find in the web and blog about here. I may blurt out profane words here and there so, forgive me.

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Buhay Kolehiyo
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A one stop haven for all your scholarly needs, including news, books, and tools.

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Isko Lar's Diary: Elbizen Experience
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Francisco "Isko" Lar is a freshman student in UPLB. Follow his adventures and give/get advice on how to survive college.

Tags: college, UPLB, scholarship, college life, University of the Philippines

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The Meraki Life
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Meraki- a Greek word that means doing something with soul, creativity, or love. I'm a little weird.

Tags: college, humor, social awareness, nerdfighter, arts

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Carpe Diem
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This is a personal blog that aims to publish my not so interesting rant or stories about my college life and my life thereafter. It may include crazy stuff, book/tv series/movie reviews, and other things I'm fond of. So there... Enjoy! :)

Tags: college, books, tv series, movies, business

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From Amber
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A college student who writes her heart out. Experiences from the past, heartaches, drama, and stress through poems and stories.

Tags: poems, stories, experiences, heartaches, college

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Bohemian Deluxe
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writer. sartorialist. tree hugging hippie. a free spirit. A restless soul. A rainbow in the sky. Living in a beautiful, happy mess. I decided to start this blog in order to share my bottled up ideas regarding fashion. Peace and lots of love!

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doing it...backwards
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This is the blog of TEAM DS, a group of undergraduate human resource management students and we will be blogging about our thoughts on the latest news with regards to Human Resource and anything else that catches our fancy.

Tags: human resource, college, employee, business, humor

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