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Call. Me. Kristine.
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Fashion. Travel. Career. Anything Under the Sun. Mostly with Essence. Randomly without. :)

Tags: fashion, travel, beauty, career, food

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PesoRepublic is the community to share and discuss money matters, entrepreneurship, jobs, career

Tags: money, jobs, career

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Mamanee's Nest
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A middle-aged, working, mini entrepreneur married mama of terrbile two's who still manages to have fun. Join me in my adventures!

Tags: Parenting, Marriage, Career, Lifestyle, Recipes

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Lifestyle and Business Lalala

Tags: Lifestyle, Corporate, Business, Management, Career

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Deliciously Spicy Moments
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a working mom's everyday adventure

Tags: life, personal, career, family, fashion

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Open Notebook
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.,on reaching my dream to be a flight attendant and other stories (life, love, career, faith, hope etc.)

Tags: flight attendant, personal, career, diary

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An online journal of a working mom living a simple, uncomplicated life with her loved ones...

Tags: blogging, parenting, career, motherhood, family matters

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head over heels
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A middle class working mom's journal of her daily experiences, struggles and triumphs and of her unending quest to be a better person and to make a difference in her family's and other people's lives.

Tags: parenting, career, personal development, motivation, family adventure

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This is about maintaining beauty, health and grace under working pressure. This has started in June 2010. It has a number of followers, an average of 100 visit a day and a good alexa ranking.

Tags: career, fashion, beauty, blogging, mixed bags

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My Personal Blog

Tags: Life, Career, Political Commentary, Literature, Technology

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The Working Mom
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A part time ophthalmologist, part time micro business owner, part time graduate student and FULL TIME MOM struggling to find balance in the confusing world of multitasking :)

Tags: mom, career, kids, balance, working mom

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cebu jobs
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This blog gives jobs to all people around the Philippines

Tags: jobs, cebu, career, full time, part time

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Batang LESS Fortunate
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Isang yugto sa buhay ng MAHIRAP

Tags: life, technologies, current issues, foods, career

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Joann Says So
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It's a personal blog of a 20-something healthcare professional.

Tags: davao, adventure, travel, career, personal

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I'm a person w/ multiple interests and this blog will try to document them. Random thoughts also included.

Tags: random thoughts, food, movie, toys, career

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Karir Mode
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This blog aims to empower the working class, share tips on how to excel in the workplace, rise above your situation, how to get to where you want to be , fulfil your dreams, and manage your income.

Tags: career, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, financial stewardship

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