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Reliable Philippine news portal highlights top news,best stories and express results in social media,business, entertainment and technology.

Tags: Exam Results, Technology, Business, Entertainment, Breaking and Trending News

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It's a cross of technological and entrepreneurial information, reviews, news and events.

Tags: Entrepreneur, Technology, Business, Computers, Mobile

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Business and investment for aspiring entrepreneur

Tags: business, investment, entrepreneur, livelihood, sme

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4 - Man, mind, marketing, money and manners
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Articles, news, tips, stories and insights for small or large businesses on management, ethics, marketing, internet, entrepreneurship, economics, society, philosophy and technology

Tags: business, make money online, internet, marketing, entrepreneurship

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The APR Blog
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A personal blog out of boredom.

Tags: Music, Seaman's blog, Business, Technology

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Pinoy Investment Guide
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A Financial Literacy Advocay Blog, that teaches reader to learn about Investing and Personal Finance

Tags: Personal Finance, Investing, Pinoy Investing, Business, Make Money

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A Pinoy tech blog on web apps, web 2.0, social media, blogging and IT buzz.

Tags: tech blog, technology, web apps, business, social media

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Argel Tiburcio
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Argel Tiburcio - Free Personal Finance and Money Management Tips from a Middle-class, Middle-child on his Quest for Financial Freedom and Personal Philosophy

Tags: argel tiburcio, personal finance, business, investing, quotes about life

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News Trendz
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Trending News, Topics and Hot Issues in the Philippines and all Over The World.Like us on FB (

Tags: Entertainment, News Trendz, Business, Technology, Exam Results

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Indo Pinoy | The First Indian-Filipino News Blog
Statistics for Indo Pinoy | The First Indian-Filipino News Blog
"INDO PINOY" is the first Indian-Filipino News Blog. It aims to provide all latest information about both nations namely India and Philippines. It will also allow the people to increase their insight regarding each others culture and country.

Tags: Trending and breaking, entertainment, technology, business, sports

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Invest in Your Future
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Personal Finance for Filipinos living in the Philippines and overseas. Aims to improve financial literacy as a tool to achieve financial freedom through a lifelong dedication to financial education.

Tags: Personal Finance, Business, Investing, Financial Planning, Insurance

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Colin Wayne Manufacturing
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The “Colin Wayne” brand name has its special view not only relating to the original packaging, marking, color print and other production costs. It also has its

Tags: business, industry, finance, news, europa

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Amazing Brandz
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Philippine Branding and beyond...

Tags: Business, Top Brands, TV Ads, Gadget Reviews, Websites

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Honest to Goodness Reviews
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This blog is intended for emerging small to medium enterprise businesses and unique products. I make honest reviews of their products, and services, its strengths and benefits.

Tags: reviews, products, services, business, small to medium enterprise

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Carpe Diem
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This is a personal blog that aims to publish my not so interesting rant or stories about my college life and my life thereafter. It may include crazy stuff, book/tv series/movie reviews, and other things I'm fond of. So there... Enjoy! :)

Tags: college, books, tv series, movies, business

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Rey Belen
Statistics for Rey Belen blogs about marketing, social media, journalism, public relations, media, communication and more.

Tags: marketing, social media, public relations, journalism, business

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Lifestyle and Business Lalala

Tags: Lifestyle, Corporate, Business, Management, Career

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On the Streets: a pedestrian’s journal! All and sundry scenes or happenings on the streets of cities/towns in the Philippines. Learn all things bright and wonderful despite the seemingly chaotic existence. :)

Tags: Philippines, pedestrian, business, leisure, travel

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Arts by J.Panarigan
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This ARTs WORLD of J.PANARIGAN is a personal site Blog for his Private Collection of Fine and Multimedia Arts, Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, Graphics and Web Designs.

Tags: Arts, Paintings, Designs, Charcoal Paintings, Business

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Internet Cafe How?
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Internet Cafe Business

Tags: dsl, internet, business, cafe, money

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Kenblogearn was born last December 30-31, 2013.Kenneth Agudo the founder/ CEO of Kenblogearn has this great idea of collaborating talented youngsters and let them use their creativity and talent in writing into a profitable and fun way.

Tags: Business, Social Media Sites, Online Income, Technology, Travel

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Kenn Dumanig
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about Personal development,business, Social Media Marketing, Success mindset and skills..

Tags: Business, Social media strategy, leadership, relationship building, personal development

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Kapunapuna is written by Rowell Viado of Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Shuffled thoughts of everything noticeable, Business, Information, Guide, Tips, Music, Videos, Consoles and other other thing that makes me feel to write.

Tags: Business, Information, Computer, Tips, Tutorial

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Pinoy Pharmacists
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Health and Fitness, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Education, Business, and random thoughts.

Tags: Health, Lifestyle, Education, Business, Fitness

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Jake Loria
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It is my advocacy to help my fellow Filipinos achieve Financial Wellness. I believe enhancing one’s financial literacy is key to achieving such success.

Tags: Pinoy, investments, business, money, rich

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My Fruitful Voyage
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Daily views of a woman about shopping, fashion, business, finances, internet, great deals, sales and anything in general

Tags: shopping, business, travel, great deals, finances

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The Silent Knight
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Personal blog for experiences, thoughts, views, opinions, and also for news and updates on the latest trends in technology and every stuff the author can explore!

Tags: News, Technology, Money, Blogging, Business

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Pinoy Blog Watch
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Your portal to entertainment, travel, blogging and human interest.

Tags: entertainment, travel, business, products, lifestyle

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learner spot
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Books Review and Featured articles.

Tags: Books, Review, marketing, business, advertisement

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Lifebooks and Acts 29 Publishing
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Literature to live by!

Tags: devotional, inspirational, motivational, business, self-help

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The Importer
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It is a site dedicated to commerce and selling. The blog is updated regularly. The content emphasis is on the products sold by the owner and the creation of new business opportunities.

Tags: Business, Bags, Herbal Supplements, Real estate, Machinery

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Business, Sales, Advertising

Tags: marketing, Sales, business, adventures, promotions

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Spread the WORD!
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Everything about online works, my opinions, product and services reviews, documentation and things I would like to share.

Tags: business, technology, reviews, how to blog, latest online news

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Nay Chronicles
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My Journal. My Journey. I am writing my personal reflections and anything under the sun. Main topics are parenthood, and business.

Tags: Journey, Chronicles, Parenthood, Business, Lach Pacio

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This is all about my adventure in earning online, finance, business, money, tech and more

Tags: High Yield Investment Program, earning online, finance, make money online, business

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VMobile Technologies Inc. was established in April 2008 and has since acquired the LoadXtreme business platform.

Tags: loading business, vmobile, prepaid, business, power

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The Road To Success...
Statistics for The Road To Success...
The road to success is always under construction. It is a general type of blog where pretty much everything can be discussed.

Tags: health, personal, photo, entertainment, business

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Earn Online With JC Premiere
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Earn money online and offline with JC Premiere Business International through Direct Selling, Network Marketing and Food Cart Franchising

Tags: Network Marketing, Business, Make Money Online, Franchise, Invest

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Butchikay is a personal blog managed by Esther T.

Tags: Butchikikay, News, Ilongga, Showbiz, Business

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Beautiful Machine
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Tags: personal, business, blog, tshirt, gift shop

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The Accountant
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The Accountant contains excel files of the most commonly used business forms from the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission, and other government agencies relevant to the establishment of businesses in the Philippines.

Tags: accounting, business, forms, corporation, tax

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The Beautiful Disaster
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blog of Kaite Mariz. an 18yr old Filipina and a BS Entrepreneurship student at the University of Santo Tomas. This blog contains stuffs about fashion, business, everyday thoughts, and a bit of local politics.

Tags: fashion, thoughts, business, lifestyle

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Help Desk
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Free online workshop in creating effective business and social letters, communications, and memos.

Tags: letters, business, memos, communications, writing

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Starting Point
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This blog is all about the things I want to discuss or to talk about. It's a mixed topic blog where I want to share with others.

Tags: personal, journey, travel, business, movie

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VJ Gonzales
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An informational blog which focuses on the followig major topics Business, Environment, Events, Money Making, News, Sports, Technology, LIFE and Affiliations

Tags: Business, Environment, Money Making, News, LIFE

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farm girl blogger
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a farm girl turned blogger-blogging about business, farming and blogging itself

Tags: business, farming, kids, photos

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