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Mommy Pehpot
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super mom, blogger extraordinaire mommy blog, parenting, babies and kids, toys, events, breastfeeding, family blog

Tags: mommy blog, babies and kids, baby products, breastfeeding, school and education

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Mom Exchange
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By moms and for moms, providing news, info and web services (polls, schedules, activities) that serve to help the modern Filipina mother.

Tags: motherhood, breastfeeding, school, parenting, mom

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Life of Que
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All about mommy life: breastfeeding, baby signing, homeschooling, parenting, practical finds - and getting fit & fab in between family adventures!

Tags: homeschooling, baby sign language, breastfeeding, parenting, women fitness

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Apples & Dumplings
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Adventures, Stories, and Mishaps of a First-Time Mom and Her Baby Y

Tags: motherhood, breastfeeding, parenting, fashion, baby

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Legal Mom Archives
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A compilation of stories of a mother, wife, lawyer, entrepreneur and multi-tasker.

Tags: breastfeeding, legal, baby, mother, child

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The Chic Mompreneur
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Traveler turned mom/housewife. Here's a blog on her adventures about motherhood, family and home.

Tags: motherhood, breastfeeding, family, entrepreneurship

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Joys Of A Wife And Mom
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Married Life. Motherhood. Happiness!

Tags: parenting, motherhood, breastfeeding, babywearing, stay at home wife and mom

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The Lazy Mama
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WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. The Lazy Mama always finds the easiest and most efficient ways to do mama stuff. You don't have to work hard. You just need to work smart!

Tags: Breastfeeding, Parenting, Easy, DIY, Frugal

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Momsicle Online
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A venture to motherhood; sharing my ups and down of being a first time mom, raising a kid, minding a husband and the vanity of being a woman.

Tags: pregnancy, baby's development, baby's immunization, breastfeeding, baby's health

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Mom Meets World
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Young mom to a very active toddler | Proud DavaoeƱa | Happy work-at-home mommy | Aspiring homeschooler | Inspired Christian Meeting the World One Baby Step at a Time

Tags: WAHM, toddler, breastfeeding, Davao City, homeschooling

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Pinay Mama
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A PR2 parenting blog of a Filipina mommy chronicling her journey as a young mother to a sweet boy. It tells the story of how she is struggling to become the best mom that she can be despite her age.

Tags: parenting, breastfeeding, pregnancy, kids development, relationship

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Spanish Pinay
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A Filipina who lost her head and followed her heart in the land of tapas and toros. Although living a Spanish life, heart, mind and soul remains faithful to the native land, The Philippines - hence the pen name Spanish Pinay.

Tags: motherhood, attachment parenting, cooking and baking, breastfeeding, raising bilingual child

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Adventures on Planet Mom
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The blog is a collection of Mommy Discoveries and experiences.

Tags: parenting, motherhood, reviews, breastfeeding, babywearing

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Mommy Sweetie
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stories of an only child, first time breastfeeding mommy and a banker's wife

Tags: Breastfeeding, Travels, Motherhood, Mariage, Family

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Happy Murals
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Personal blog of a grammar crusader turned work-at-home mommy

Tags: mommy, breastfeeding, work at home, online shopping, grammar

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Living In Sweet Dreams
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I'm a WAHM, Struggling Wifey, Breastfeeding Advocate and Belly Dancer. Mother to 3: Portia the chihuahua, a boy and a grownup. This blog will be of my everyday musings, mishaps and adventures.

Tags: baby, breastfeeding, housework, health, family

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The Lazy Mama
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I am The Lazy Mama. A mother, breastfeeding advocate, housewife and entrepreneur. You don't really need to work hard. You just need to work SMART!

Tags: breastfeeding, parenting, housekeeping, frugality

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