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Cool Elf
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"Cool Elf" makes learning English quick, easy, and free. Highly recommended for students, TOEFL / IELTS test-takers, call center trainees and employees, and ESL teachers.

Tags: English, Japanese, TOEFL, IELTS, book

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musings of the bookaholic fairies, inc.
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A group blog that contains anything related to books eg. reviews, hauls, cover reveals and etc.

Tags: book reviews, filipino bookworms, books, bookworm, book

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My Little Secret
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rants about anything and everything under the sun although most of it are personal life journey.

Tags: Food, Book, Lifestyle, Fashion, Family

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Simply Meldific
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this blog is my way of sharing my fondness of anything and everything beauty related. And my obsession with books, makeups, nails & a lot more in between..

Tags: makeup, reviews, book, online shopping, beauty

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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Read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and also watch trailer for the upcoming movie

Tags: harry potter, Half-Blood Prince, movie, book, free

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hjamnette shares her day...
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My name is Hjamnette. I love to write. I love books, chocolates and anything girly. I created this personal blog to express myself. I'm also a very opinionated person, so expect a handful vomit of thoughts and amalgamation of nerves.

Tags: food, opinion, beauty, book, girl

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Express Yourself
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Let's talk about health, travel, culture, food, discovery, invention, books, and life.

Tags: health, travel, culture, food, book, health, book, travel

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Statistics for Physics
Online Physics

Tags: Physics, e-book, book, mechanics, Science

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My Alchemy
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A young Hong Kong mum's ruminations, reviews, discussions and daydreams. Subjects of interest: aesthetics, music, literature, Hong Kong life, culture theory, visual art, and drama. Lots and lots of drama.

Tags: london, hong kong, MBA, book, writing

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Nene Patatas Stories
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Online Stories and Rants of Nik Rozon known as "NenePatatas".

Tags: book, online stories, tagalog romance novel, filipino authors, love stories

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My Book Cushion
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Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult Book Review Blog

Tags: Book review, book, book blog, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

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Books and References
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This blog speaks about books and references. It provides information about the important content of the book and other reading materials.

Tags: book, references, reading materials, author, content

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Learning the How
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This blog aims to teach how to solve top pressing problems in life especially with regards to the emotional,financial and social aspects of life. The solutions are derived from well known mentors and life experts here and abroad. Learn from the experts!

Tags: book, trulyrichclub, bo sanchez, learn, read

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Aura Perpetua
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Xander is an energy vampire who discovers that his classmate Aura, is the most coveted Perpetual there is. Would he choose to protect her or consume her?

Tags: vampire, aura, energy, energy vampire, book

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Dashing Dreams
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This blog is about Mai's love for fashion, food, travelling, books, movies, photography and other things that captures her heart. :)

Tags: fashion, food, travel, book, movie

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