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My So Called Life
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I love sharing my day to day experiences in the web, I know there are some people out there who experience the same musings that I have, my blog is the best example for that.

Tags: entertainment, book reviews, movie reviews, events, Food reviews

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Money Gizmo
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Money Gizmo is a blog about personal finance and money management. This started out as a site documenting the author's journey to financial freedom and to share their knowledge and experience about investments, savings and business ideas.

Tags: personal finance, make money online, book reviews, personal tips, savings and investment

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Stay Bookish
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A blog for bibliophiles

Tags: book news, book reviews, book hauls, swoon worthy saturday, list of awesome

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kwatro khanto
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Random. Movie reviews, anime, games, book reviews, travel, photographs, humor. Anything goes!

Tags: toys, book reviews, random, anime, asian movie reviews

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Off The Wall
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YA and occasional Adult Book Reviews.

Tags: Book Reviews, YA Book Reviews, Adult Book Reviews

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Library Mistress
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Online book diary of a girl so obsess with books, librarians stopped issuing her a library card.

Tags: book news, book reviews, book hauls, blog tours, book promotions

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musings of the bookaholic fairies, inc.
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A group blog that contains anything related to books eg. reviews, hauls, cover reveals and etc.

Tags: book reviews, filipino bookworms, books, bookworm, book

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Our Consciousness
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Our Consciousness belongs to Elaine: a twenty-something fatty, corporate slave by day, Internet troll by night, pseudo film enthusiast, and a huge lover of food (all things greasy, right?).

Tags: self care, book reviews, diary, body positivity, television shows

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A Woman With A Mission
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its more on devotional thoughts, sermons, poems, encouraging words, tributes, book reviews and i added a portion "anything under the sun"

Tags: devotional thoughts, relationship, book reviews, sermons, tributes

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The Bookcase Diaries
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A blog that celebrates the wonders of words, books, and reading. Mostly book reviews with bits of other stuff like dream movie adaptation castings at the side. I'd love to discuss books with you! :)

Tags: book reviews, pinoy book blogger, recommended books, books to read

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Sab The Book Eater
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A Young and New Adult book review site that features authors, their books and occasional topic posts.

Tags: blog tours, book reviews, book promotions

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My Book and My Coffee
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Book reviews and more. Be updated with free Kindle eBooks, free eBooks in general, and discounted Kindle ebooks. Tune in!

Tags: book reviews, free eBooks, discounted eBooks, Free eBook Feature

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The Book Tripper
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books + films + desktop games + animations + beer + women + sci fi + rock n roll = MAGIC

Tags: Book Blog, Speculative Fiction, Book Reviews, Fantasy, Non Fiction

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Statistics for BookOaths
I am machi/mirika and I'm a girl obsessed with books. Looking for reviews? Just drop by :)

Tags: bookoaths, book reviews, books

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The Filipina Reader
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Let's talk about books!

Tags: Book Reviews, Philippines, Literature, Opinion

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Book Overdose
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Book Overdose is a Young-Adult book blog that contains reviews of novels I've read, news about recent book series, upcoming books, and authors.

Tags: young-adult, book reviews, novels, books, fiction

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The Filipina Booknote
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A Filipina bookworm who loves to read, review and share good reads to people in search of a good book

Tags: Book Reviews, Young Adult, Fiction, Book Rants and Ramblings

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randomly cluttered
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anything and everything under the sun.

Tags: Book Reviews, LSS, Album Reviews, Life, Anything under the SUN

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Happy Thoughts, Happy Snaps
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A bookworm who loves to shoot. | The girl behind

Tags: books, book reviews, lomography, travel, thoughts

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iamthebluedevil is apersonal blog of Justin Torres which features reviews of books, movies, music, fashion, science and his opinions. iamthebluedevil is a realm of possibilities.

Tags: book reviews, movie reviews, science, fashion, opinion

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Statistics for iamthebluedevil
iamthebluedevil is apersonal blog of Justin Torres which features reviews of books, movies, music, fashion, science and his opinions. iamthebluedevil is a realm of possibilities.

Tags: Opinion, book reviews, movie reviews, Music, fashion

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Break free and Explore
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Break free and Explore is a 4-year-old blog of a girl who loves taking photos and reading books. This blog started out as an outlet for the author which turned into an instrument for her to share her love and passion for writing, photography, and life.

Tags: Travel, Photography, Beauty, Book reviews, Food

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The Lust Manifesto
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Whims. Poems. Thoughts.

Tags: poetry, books, book reviews, essays, words

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Late Bloomer Reads
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A book appreciation blog featuring news about books, reviews, and favorite quotations found in books.

Tags: books, book reviews, book haul, book quotations, books to movies

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Girl about Books
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Girl about Books is a Young Adult Book Blog and also features author interviews and book giveaways.

Tags: Books, Book Reviews, Young Adult Book Blog, YA

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Elaine will Read
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I'm a night owl and I love to read

Tags: Book Reviews, Book Haul, Books, Young Adult, Book Signing

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Geeky Princess Glamorous
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Mileventwelve's blog for book and movie reviews.

Tags: movie reviews, book reviews, writing, mileventwelve, reviews

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The Selkie Reads Stories
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A book review blog featuring the latest best selling and self published Young Adult and New Adult books.

Tags: books, Young Adult, teen, book reviews, new adult

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Bookworms' Avenue
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Bookworms' Avenue is a book blog featuring YA/NA book reviews, author interviews, guest posts, giveaways and other stuff regarding books! :D

Tags: Book reviews, Young Adult, books, reading, teen and new adult

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The Crazy Bookworm
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Book reviews and other book shenanigans from no other than Tara, The Crazy Bookworm. Drop by, sometime! xoxo

Tags: wordpress, book reviews, books, book blog, young adult

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Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books
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We are the Filipinos who patronize Pinoy books, our very own.

Tags: pinoy reads, pinoy reads pinoy books, book club, book reviews, filipiniana

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Gege Flips Pages
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I buy books. And sometimes I read them. This blog is for the times my books become more than mere shelf candy. I also blog about my adventures with my book club — Flips Flipping Pages, a support group for book addicts who never ever want to be cured.

Tags: book clubs, book reviews, book blogging, flips flipping pages

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Imagine . Create . Share
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Rants, Musings, Ramblings, Book Reviews, Ebook Giveaways and Everything in between

Tags: book reviews, young adult, dystopian, adult fiction, Contemporary Romance

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Inquisitive Kittens
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Home of Book Reviews and All Things Awesome.

Tags: Book Reviews, Book Reviewer, Young Adult, Stories, Comics

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The Official Bum Site
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A little bit of everything.This site rants about Philippine corruption and teenage vices.A bit about macro photography,watching tv shows online, health-related issues, nurse reviews, and very little on nurse jobs abroad. :)

Tags: photography, philippine corruption, nurse reviews, nurse jobs abroad, book reviews

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book reviews

Tags: book reviews, books

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