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I Need Space
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I Need Space is the official chismis blog of the Special Science Class Batch 2006 of San Remigio National High School.

Tags: i need space, high school, san remigio, srnhs, bisaya

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Statistics for Kaligutpay
Inusahay nga Kaligutgut ug Tukmang mga Kalipay

Tags: meemax, bisaya, filipino

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Binisayang Paghandum
Statistics for Binisayang Paghandum
Prose and poetry in Cebuano Bisaya. Mga garay sa Sugbuanong Binisaya.

Tags: cebuano, bisaya, poems, binisaya, writings

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Bisdak Trip
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Bisdak Trip - Trip sa usa ka bisdak blogger

Tags: Cebu, Bisaya, Events, Jayr, Bisdak

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pagtuki sa mga butang
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pagtuki sa mga butang nga angay hinuktokan.

Tags: bisaya, bisaya blog, davao, pagtuki, mga kataw-anan

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TsiWaTug (Tsismis Way Tugpahay)
Statistics for TsiWaTug (Tsismis Way Tugpahay)

Tags: lingaw, fun, chismis, bisaya

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