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Know the Truth
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Know Your Faith, Proclaim Your Faith, Defend Your Faith

Tags: apologetics, truth, church, bible, catholic

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got Thoughts?
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A Filipino pastor in California posts his Christian experiences, ideas, sermons, articles, Bible understanding, and theologies.

Tags: philosophy, theology, Bible, Philippines, Christian

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Lessons on Waiting
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Christian. Lawyer. Learning to be both at the same time.

Tags: reflections, waiting, Bible, Christian, discernment

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I Heart Jesus
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There is a god-shaped vacuum in the heart of everyone that only God can fill through His son Jesus Christ". -Blaise Pascal

Tags: Christian, Jesus, Faith, bible, praise and worship

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My Daily Inspiration
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Collection of Bible Verses

Tags: Bible, Verses, Scriptures, Gospel, Christianity

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Prayers, Novena, Rosary, Psalm, Bible, Saints

Tags: prayers, novena, rosary, bible, catholic

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divine amnesia
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A personal blog about faith, relationships, singleness, church, God, and Christianity.

Tags: God, Christianity, encouragement, Christian music, Bible

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Eternal Matters
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"Most of the things we do will not outlast us, but some of them surely will: and those are the things of Eternal Significance"

Tags: Evangelical Christian, Bible, Jesus, Practical Advice, Daily Living

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A Book you can Trust
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This blog contains a series of articles to show that the Bible is trustworthy and inspired of God, and that its message is one of hope for an end to the suffering caused by human misrule.

Tags: Bible, Religion, Trust Book

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A Better Catholic
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random thoughts on becoming a better catholic

Tags: catholic, bible, religion, roman catholic

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Silent Intentions
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A blog of a girl with big dreams but with silent intentions. From Bible thoughts to money talks, from health and beauty to eat-and-do-whatever-can, from computer lingoes to literature buffs, I'm simply here to talk it out. Enjoy!

Tags: god, bible, herbalife, silent, intentions

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A Catholic Oriented Site

Tags: El Shaddai, Catholic, DWXI, Bible, Prayers

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The Jesus Story
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Our Lord And Savior

Tags: Jesus Story, Testimony, Bible, Preaching Online, Worship song

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