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Amazing Davao
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An invitation to visit Davao City and know its people.

Tags: Travel, Beach, Davao, Samal, Hotels

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Spread Some Awesome
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Set foot on the best places in the Philippines and start spreading some awesomeness..

Tags: Food, Travel, Beach, Awesome, Experience

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Pinoy Travel Blog
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The Filipino Guide to Philippine Destinations

Tags: travel, boracay, beach, philippines, hot spots

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Statistics for travelfillers
travel and leisure in and out of the philippines

Tags: beach, philippines, boracay, palawan, travel

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MitcHOT Spots
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I started my blog since last year, on my birthday. The reasons for my blogging are, I wanted to document my life, share it to others, have friends and also I wanted to earn at the same time.

Tags: Personal, Travel, Beach, Life, Food

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Im Potpot. I travel, I eat,I blog,I share my experiences and I wish to travel the world.

Tags: travel, Pinoyblogs, beach, food, Philippines

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Explore Philippines
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We never stop to explore the Philippines.

Tags: Travel, Cebu, Beach

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Statistics for lakwatcheska
dedicated to great restaurants and tourists places local & abroad. Entries ranges from the restaurants we dine in up to the ones I look upon dining. As well as to the great places I have been and others are the ones I dream of going into

Tags: filipino, travel, beach, resorts, food

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San Sa 'pinas?!
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'San sa 'pinas?! means "Where in the Philippines?!" in Filipino. A blog which features exciting places around the Philippines.

Tags: falls, pilipinas, experience, beach, hiking

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Charissa's Beach Houses
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Brgy. Nibaliw Vidal, San Fabian, Pangasinan

Tags: beach, resort

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Boracay Beach Magazine
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"The travel magazine you can read while on the beach."

Tags: boracay, magazine, travel magazine, beach, online magazine

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stefansecz| memorable excursions
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A dream that came to reality. Featuring Cebu's a little bit of everything from food, beaches, and experiences.

Tags: food, beach, places, cebu

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The Sexy Nomad
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A blog sharing personal experiences about Philippine and Asian travel, lifestyle, and pop culture.

Tags: Asia, Philippine travel, Pinoy travel, Philippines, beach

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Kin's Ant Farm
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personal travel blog featuring photos and insights on local and foreign trips

Tags: travel, Philippines, beach, backpacking, flashpacking

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What's Up Dagupan
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What's Up Dagupan chronicles what's Hip and Hot in Dagupan City. It is a compendium of the news, events, culture, food, arts, language and music of Region I's "Pandaragupan - or Gathering Place"

Tags: Dagupan, Bangus, Pangasinan, festival, beach

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Mai Sweet Escape
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Mayee's Digest (Musings, Travel and Exploration Beyond Borders)

Tags: beach, events, food, books

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Nice Picture
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See the most beautifull and amazing picture in around the world.

Tags: amazing picture, beautifull picture, nature picture, waterfalls, beach

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Warfairy's Adventure
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A photoblog of Warfairy's adventure. An account on travel beauty, fashion and food. Some tips, guides and recommendation on places and experiences both local and abroad.

Tags: food, beach, hobbies, travel, leisure

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dred reveries
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chronicles of a girl's love for fashion, travel, beach, photography, and thrifting

Tags: thrifting, travel, photography, beach, wedding photography

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Kade's Adventure
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This blog is all about our experience during our trip.

Tags: Travel, Hotel, Philippines, Beach, Food

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Resort Living at it's Best!
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We provide you with luxurious resort living at it's best!

Tags: resort living, beach, real estate, farm, rest house

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A 30-something nature junkie who ditched the corporate urban jungle in favor of a life amidst nature in a place that has been dubbed "nature's last frontier".

Tags: Palawan, Puerto Princesa, Adventures, Beach, Nature

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The Grocery Couture
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Lifestyle, travel, events, photo diary, food,

Tags: Beach, Happiness, Water, Work, Single

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Bottomless Wallet
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Just 5 girls trying to conquer the world!

Tags: travel, pinas, beach, shopping, food

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Surimi Goes To...
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personal experience about places visited and events attended.

Tags: festival, food, tours, holiday, beach

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Gumala, Maglibang at Sumulat
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All about travels and foods.

Tags: Travel, Food, Beach, Restaurant, Gala

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Boracay Resorts Reservations
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Boracay is an island of the Philippines located approximately 315km (200 miles) south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. In 1990

Tags: Boracay, Beach, Resorts, Reservations, Hotels

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Statistics for quotingpictures
A blog that i mostly about game of thrones, vain pics, adventure time, and random thoughts. Plus, books.

Tags: adventure time, selfie, books, beach, game of thrones

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Maid in the Philippines
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Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. Travel. Its more fun in the Philippines!

Tags: travel, beach, philippines, cheap, getaway

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Cebu Travel Logs
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Pictures of Cebu's beautiful places.

Tags: cebu, travel, photos, beach, places

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Statistics for meggnifique
Meggnifique mainly is about a girl who loves to read and wander. The blog aims to encourage the youth to read and find pure bliss in books and literature.

Tags: happiness, books, memories, bohemian, beach

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Statistics for abandonedbylight
budgeted travel and photography

Tags: mountain, falls, beach, budget food, budget travel

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