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This site features the Group and its members' adventures - mountain climbing, traveling, nature tripping, random outdoor and backpacking activities, and even just touring around local cities.

Tags: The BACKPACKERS, Mountain Climbing, Philippines, backpacking, adventure

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Adrenaline Romance
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Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

Tags: rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, outdoor, adventure

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EAZY Traveler
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A freelance travel journalist chronicling people, places and perspectives on and off the beaten path. Let's get ready to ramble!

Tags: backpacking, adventure, travel writing, travel photography, flashpacking

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My Nomadic Habits
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My Nomadic Habits is a travel blog that showcase Philippines tourist destinations both the popular and the off the beaten. Also in my blog you can find comprehensive travel guides which includes itinerary, budget and accommodation.

Tags: backpacking, travel itinerary, cebu beaches, nomadic habits, festivals

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Indie Escape
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Here you will find itineraries for trips I've made and would like to make, mountains I've climbed, interesting music and film and events, and other places and happenings I want to document.

Tags: backpacking, itinerary, city tours, mountaineering, hotels

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Senyor Lakwatsero
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A Collection of Photographs and Tales of Fun and Adventure from Everywhere

Tags: travel, asia, backpacking, philippines, destination

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Weekend Haven
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Discover the Best Weekend Getaway in Asia & UAE | A Backpacking Guide to Budget Travels | Philippines Beaches

Tags: backpacking, tourism, itineraries, holidays, budget travels

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Nomadic Experiences
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Narrative and images of being on the road.

Tags: backpacking, photography, Philippines, Travel

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The Chronicles of Mariane
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Mariane tries to blog related to fashion, travel, food and other money saving tips. The Chronicles of Mariane will feature her adventures on going to thrift shops, DIY travels, fashion purchases and food trips.

Tags: foodtrips, travel, backpacking, budget travel

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wandering...can't go home
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An OFW forced to spend his monthly vacation away from home to avoid losing his job. He wandered for more than a year. He decided to blog his travel experience. Now, he does road tripping as well.

Tags: Travel, photoblog, backpacking, food trip, road trip

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The Travelling Feet
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a showcase of information on budget travels, travel tips, budget food and accommodations within the Philippines, Asia and beyond

Tags: backpacking, budget accommodations, travel, travel itinerary, budget travels

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Flip'n Travels
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If you are weak of heart, no sense of humor, thinks that randomly kissing strangers will get you pregnant, believes that cursing will warrant agua oxinada on your tongue, and scared to hear honest opinions on travel, then FLIPTRAVELS.COM is not for you

Tags: backpacking, pinoy travelers, travel stories, travel photography, travel tips

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Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind
Statistics for Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind
This blog is created to share the stories of Mr. Sonyboy Fugaban's wandering feet and mind—which will give air to the the many hats he wear—and photos that will particularly promote the pulchritude of the Philippines.

Tags: Nature, Backpacking, Photoblog, Tourism, Philippine Travel

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Stories about the adventures and misadventures with friends, colleagues, and random strangers who eventually became good acquaintances.

Tags: travel, blog, backpacking, food, philippines

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I Love Tansyong : You One-Stop Travel Blog
Statistics for I Love Tansyong : You One-Stop Travel Blog
Do you want to know What Philippines is? Join me as I dare myself to answer it!

Tags: travel, food, drinks, Backpacking, Tourism

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Selfless Travels
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Travel More. Inspire Others. And make a difference. This is for a lasting travel experience.

Tags: Travels, Adventures, Ministry, Service, Backpacking

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The Geek Travels
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A travel blog about the adventures and misadventures of a 21 year old geek who wants to showcase the beauty of his own country, Philippines. Join him as he scramble his way to the undiscovered places and to the underrated provinces of Philippines.

Tags: travel, philippines, backpacking, photography, islands

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Your Travel Gateway
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It's all my travel and personal blog wherein people can know the latest and up to date regarding my activities thru online.

Tags: Discover, Explore, Mountaineer, Backpacking, Hiking

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Filipina in Flip Flops
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Travel tales and the city life of a Filipina.

Tags: backpacking, flashpacking, travelling, budget travel, filipina

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b&w's adventures
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A travel blog about our adventures and misadventures in traveling around the Philippines.

Tags: Philippines, backpacking, adventure, Philippine destinations, extreme adventure

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I will be posting some pictures, tips and ideas to help you have a priceless travel experience.

Tags: travel, tours, trip, backpacking, budget

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ybbs outdoors
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Sharing ideas is the rationale of ybbs outdoors, on enjoying while protecting our great outdoors. Blogging from mountains to beaches. Preserve. Protect. Play. Hike! Bike! Travel!

Tags: outdoors, backpacking, hiking, mtbiking, travel

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Wander Shugah
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An online journal of a 20something wanderlust from the land of promise. "the world is waiting. where are you?"

Tags: food, travel, leisure, adventure, backpacking

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Shy on Foot
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This is a compilation of stories experienced by a crazy pinay backpacker.

Tags: travel, trip, backpacking, fun stories, adventure

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Sole Escape
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The blog is about offbeat backpacking, restaurant and hotel places, travel activities and tall tales from around the Philippines. love for nature and travel in the Philippines. Writings with equal doses of wit, humor and humility.

Tags: Philippines, Travel in the Philippines, Backpacking, Traveling, Blogger

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The Trekker Trail
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Promoting the less known yet beautiful places in Mindanao and the wonders within the frontier of the Philippines.

Tags: nature, backpacking, adventure, travel, tourism

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My Misadventure
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A Filipino currently based in Singapore sharing some awesome trips around Southeast Asia, one destination at a time - on a tight budget...

Tags: Backpacking, Southeast Asia, Wanderlust, Budget Travel, Photography

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Side Trip with Markey
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Destination worth vising. We go out of our way to discover attraction outside the Philippines, not to realizing that there are many gorgeous spots right here in our country that are worth visiting.

Tags: Itinerary, tourist spot, backpacking, best beach, cheap travel

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Kin's Ant Farm
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personal travel blog featuring photos and insights on local and foreign trips

Tags: travel, Philippines, beach, backpacking, flashpacking

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Dewdship Chronicles
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All about love, travel, food and life!!!

Tags: trip, backpacking, vacation, itinerary, flights

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Statistics for Journey
The blog is about experiences I gained through my trips :)

Tags: backpacking, trips, adventure, affordable, learn

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From Sea to Summit
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A guide to backpacking, adventure and budget travel.

Tags: Travel, Backpacking, adventure, outdoor, Trips

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Anjville's Travel Blogs and More
Statistics for Anjville's Travel Blogs and More
Anjville's Travel places in Asia, Philippines, Articles and more. Discover interesting travel destinations, information, tips, food and culture.

Tags: Travel Blogs and Guides, Adventure Trips, Travel Desinations, Food & Culture, Backpacking

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Mamoy's Adventure
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Travel Guide and Adventures

Tags: Travel, Adventure, Backpacking, Lakwatsero

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Laag Ta Bai
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Capturing the awesomeness of the Philippines from the perspective of a nineteen year old ninja-- just kidding, student

Tags: Travel, Food, Philippines, Backpacking

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Dexter Travels
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Simply backpacking and finding the best in the world.

Tags: backpacking, food, Philippine places, mountains

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my rolling-stone-kind of life
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Life and adventure of a Call Center Agent.

Tags: surfing, food tripping, Philippines, backpacking, photography

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Chronicling Adventures through Photography.

Tags: photography, backpacking, photoblog, travel, Philippines

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a Philippine local traveler's guide to budget traveling around the Philippines. As the author chronicles her trips around the PI, she also gives useful tips on experiencing more and spending less! Local/foreign travelers, read on!

Tags: Philippines, beaches, budget travel, vacation, backpacking

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Statistics for sixfingeredwanderer
Cebuano budget traveler and food lovers guide. Photoblog of everything under the sun and a different perspective in this view of life.

Tags: Cebu, Travel, Backpacking, Photography, Wanderer

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We Are Sole Sisters
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2 girls with a neverending quench for travel on the cheap, philippine beaches and surfing. Come with us and let's wrap our arms around the Philippines and the world one trip at a time.

Tags: cheap travel, philippine beach, backpacking, surfing, budget

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