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The Sweet Escape
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The Sweet Escape talks about everyday sweet escapades. The best go-to blog after a busy day at the office, away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced world, it makes you sit down, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world one post at a time.

Tags: Arts and Culture, Travel, Love and Life, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Home

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Sining Factory
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Arts, Entertainment and Everything Pinoy.

Tags: Philippine Culture, Craft Tutorials, Photography, Arts and Culture, Recycling Ideas

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Mina sees the World
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Blog of a bitch who loves to read, write, deal with people, and philosophize; a depository of a creative writing major's musings.

Tags: voice acting, writing, bitch, yuppie, arts and culture

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P[e]NORAMA: Gallery of Scribbles
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P[e]NORAMA is the gallery that showcases my pen’s scrawls, the pensieve that keeps my mind’s ramblings, the simple note in the music of my life, and the rhyme in the poetry of my dreams. — Sherma E. Benosa

Tags: creative writing, literature, arts and culture, socio-political views, reflections

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