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Manga Night - Anime and Manga
Statistics for Manga Night - Anime and Manga
So many manga and anime series are about becoming better fighters. Whether it's One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, or whatever, they take fighting...

Tags: naruto manga, naruto, manga, anime, one piece

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Random Beauty
Statistics for Random Beauty
All about beauty which includes recommendations and makeup reviews. It also included random stuff like anime and online money making.

Tags: makeup, reviews, earn online, anime

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The Reimaru Files
Statistics for The Reimaru Files
Files straight from an avid gamer This blog is all about gaming, from the consoles to MMOs, it also features some of the funny side of the internet

Tags: mmo, pc gaming, ps3, anime, video games

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The Black Sheep Project
Statistics for The Black Sheep Project
A blog about Anime and Manga by DLSU student, Czai Abogado

Tags: Anime, Manga, Czarina Abogado

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kwatro khanto
Statistics for kwatro khanto
Random. Movie reviews, anime, games, book reviews, travel, photographs, humor. Anything goes!

Tags: toys, book reviews, random, anime, asian movie reviews

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Otaku Ako
Statistics for Otaku Ako
Blogging about anything Otaku related in the Philippines

Tags: anime, manga, cosplay, convention, figures

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Give me some dramas.
Statistics for Give me some dramas.
Hi, my name is machi and I blog about asian dramas (reviews), movies, series, anime, actors, etc (blog on hiatus though)

Tags: asian drama, anime, movie review, series

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The Things I Do For Love
Statistics for The Things I Do For Love
About food, makeup, skin care, hair care, and my adventures in between. (^_^)

Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Food, Catholic, Cosmetics

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fiel-kun's thoughts
Statistics for fiel-kun's thoughts
thoughts of a simple dreamer...

Tags: entertainment, movies, music, anime, pinoy

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Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog
Statistics for Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog
An awesome blog about Japanese anime figures and other otaku-related stuffs and happenings

Tags: anime, anime figures, manga, pvc figures, japan

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Statistics for unliDL4free
Where everything is FREE. Bakit pa magbabayad kung meron namang libre.

Tags: anime, naruto, one piece, download, mobile

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girlwholovesred by Lesh
Statistics for girlwholovesred by Lesh
Geekery + Travel + Life blog. Japan, Anime, Manga, Conventions, and so much more from a geeky girl's point of view. (^ ^)

Tags: Japan, Anime, Manga, Conventions, Anime and Manga

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Diary of a Mystery Shopper
Statistics for Diary of a Mystery Shopper
I am a Mystery Shopper in Life's Wonder Emporium :D

Tags: Food, Events, Marketing, Promo, Anime

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One Piece
Statistics for One Piece
Watch One Piece Subbed Online.

Tags: One Piece, Anime, Anime Subbed Online, Music, OST One Piece

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Asian Drama and Movie Reviews
Statistics for Asian Drama and Movie Reviews
I love watching Asian dramas and movies. So I created this blog to document some of the many dramas and movies that I find interesting. I would really be thrilled if you visit my site and leave a comment!:)

Tags: asian dramas, japanese dramas, anime, reviews, movies

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Marvz Anime Blog
Statistics for Marvz Anime Blog
Anime Reviews, Updates and More...

Tags: Naruto, Anime, Bleach, manga, One Piece

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Statistics for ANIME INSTINCT
Enjoy your favorite Anime (Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, One Piece, Pokemon) it's Latest Manga, TV Series Episodes and Movies Collections.

Tags: Anime, Manga, TV Series Episodes, Movies, Spoilers

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Cee's Wonderland
Statistics for Cee's Wonderland
Hello there! I am a blogger from Zamboanga. I write mostly on my adventures as a cosplayer, wonderful photos I capture, my little collection of anime figures and my everyday little whatnots.

Tags: cosplay, anime, photography, tutorials, beauty

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Gamer's Quote
Statistics for Gamer's Quote
Your favorite characters being quoted... from games, animes, cartoon, etc.

Tags: game, anime, quote, cartoon, animation

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Statistics for Euphoria
Random things from a cat lover : )

Tags: personal, cosplay, fashion, girl, anime

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Statistics for TeleseryeTV
TeleseryeTV ay mga teleserye sa ABS at sa GMA at meron din mga Anime and i will update more soon

Tags: Teleserye, Teleserye, Anime, kenhu, maricar

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Statistics for PinoyGundam
PinoyGundam. Everything about the Pinoy Plasmeyt's Unbridled Passion on Gundam Plastic Models.

Tags: gundam, gunpla, model kit, hobby, anime

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Yours Cutee
Statistics for Yours Cutee
A Compilation or notes about celebrity, mobile messages, favorite songs, anime videos and my online journal updates.

Tags: Hot Celebrities, Songs, Anime, Watch Videos Online Free, Download

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Statistics for OtaSensei
Your Guide to Anything Otaku

Tags: anime, manga, Japan, figures, games

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Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Statistics for Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Magic: The Gathering, Anime, Kawaii stuff, Girl talk

Tags: anime, girl kawaii stuff, magic cards, pink, rants and raves

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Naruto Ninja Storm
Statistics for Naruto Ninja Storm
this blog gives updates about naruto episodes, comics and other anime episodes and manga. it includes summary, pictures and even videos.

Tags: naruto, naruto shippuuden, anime, manga, naruto episodes

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Naruto Manga Scans
Statistics for Naruto Manga Scans
Naruto manga - read Naruto manga chapters for free, but no downloading Naruto manga chapters required.

Tags: naruto manga, naruto, manga, anime, one piece

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Binary Otaku
Statistics for Binary Otaku
Anime, manga blog.

Tags: anime, manga, otaku, reviews

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Statistics for LaS FRiKaDaS
Frikadas de todo tipo en formato de imagen, video y algunas noticias curiosas, prácticamente todo el contenido está dirijido para el público GeeK.

Tags: anime, manga, tecnologia, memes, videojuegos

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Just About Everything I Love
Statistics for Just About Everything I Love
Includes book, movies, shows and anime reviews, and of course, a few snippets form my life.

Tags: books, anime, diary, movies, teen

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Escape through Art
Statistics for Escape through Art
An Artist's Personal blogging site where he shares his passion for arts, experiences, ideas, and works about arts and crafts

Tags: arts & crafts, anime, life, personal, drawings

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ASGARDS Online Portal
Statistics for ASGARDS Online Portal
This blog revolves around my interest since elementary school which is Anime, card games, comics and etc.

Tags: anime, comics, trading card games, games, cosplay

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Birthday Greetings
Statistics for Birthday Greetings
Birthday Greeting Design, share and greet friend in facebook, twitter, email.

Tags: Birthday, Graphics, Arts Design, anime, Birthday messages

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Statistics for
Personal work blog of graphic illustrator Mel Artugue. Features sketches, illustrations and related works.

Tags: illustration, illustrator, anime, manga, vector

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Kink Anime
Statistics for Kink Anime
Kinky Anime On Its Best, Cartoon Sex, Hardcore Anime, Hentai Dick Girl, Hentai Lesbos, Busty Hentai Babes and More!

Tags: anime, hentai, cartoons, 3D, hardcore

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Anime MOSH
Statistics for Anime MOSH
Inside you will find thousands of anime-related profiles containing detailed information about your favorite anime characters, episodes, movies, OVA series, and TV shows. Manga predictions, raw, scans, confirmed spoilers, and chapters, and downloads.

Tags: naruto spoilers, one piece spoilers, naruto manga, one piece manga, anime

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Naruto | Bleach | One Piece Manga Spoiler Predictions
Statistics for Naruto | Bleach | One Piece Manga Spoiler Predictions
Read the latest Manga Spoilers of Naruto Manga Spoiler Predictions, One Piece Manga Spoiler Predictions and Bleach Manga Spoiler Predictions

Tags: Manga, Anime, Spoilers, Predictions, Naruto

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Naruto Manga Chapter and Discussion
Statistics for Naruto Manga Chapter and Discussion
Anime and Manga Blogs. ay too many blogs on manga out there. You can't read them all. Really, you can't. Here are a few good ones I'm reading right now.

Tags: naruto, one piece, bleach, fairy tail, anime

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The World and Martial Arts
Statistics for The World and Martial Arts
Join me as I reveal how the martial arts are represented in society today!

Tags: mma, ufc, video games, movies, anime

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Anime World
Statistics for Anime World
see your favorite anime characters, more pictures, updates and information

Tags: anime, characters, pictures, philippines, power

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KumikoMai's Notepad
Statistics for KumikoMai's Notepad
Everything Fun under the Sun. From Photography-Music-Arts-OnlineGaming-Anime and Personal Stuffs.

Tags: kumikomai, gecine, anime, photography, music

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Faintest Clouds - The Art of Czar Esteban
Statistics for Faintest Clouds - The Art of Czar Esteban
Online artist portfolio and personal blog of a multimedia artist and an aspiring graphic novelist. Posts will most likely include anime, manga, japan, progress works, and massive flailing about anything under the sun.

Tags: anime, manga, graphic novel, multimedia arts, illustration

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Kawaii Online
Statistics for Kawaii Online
Your Online Source of the latest Kawaii Quotes, Anime Quotes, Anime Trailers/Movies, Cosplay and a lot more.

Tags: Kawaii, Anime, Quotes, Cosplay, Trailers

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The Rants of a Perplexed Duelist
Statistics for The Rants of a Perplexed Duelist
A Blog dedicated to unite Filipino players with the world in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game.

Tags: games, Yu-Gi-Oh, yugioh, OCG, anime

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Statistics for Kyohakuhime
The Kyohakuhime blog is made for entertainment and for the enjoyment of its readers. The blog aims to share and spread opinions, personal reviews and love for anime, vocaloid, games, bishounen and cosplay.

Tags: anime, cosplay, vocaloid, video games, reviews

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Statistics for Jazzenelya's
Online Journal of a Gamergirl, Otaku and Blogger.

Tags: anime, gaming, gadgets, internet marketing, blogging

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Thoughts and Things
Statistics for Thoughts and Things
A personal blog, it's my treasure trove of life's randomness (work, school, movies, music, anime, manga, photoshop, drawings ugh! Too many XD) ...seen from my Filipina eyes :)

Tags: wayyuay, thoughts, anime, movies, love

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Geeky Fridays with Aencille
Statistics for Geeky Fridays with Aencille
Aencille is a 20-year old writer slash artist slash cosplayer slash gamer. The world is my canvas, and I paint with words. An odd ball, others say, but I prefer misunderstood.

Tags: geek, anime, writing, press release, personal

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Statistics for DC23mecharts
A blog/site solely dedicated to my Gunpla modelling and Gundam

Tags: Gundam, Gunpla, Mecha, Hobby, Anime

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Lara's Cosplay MisAdventures
Statistics for Lara's Cosplay MisAdventures
Cosplay and Anime diary of your friendly neighborhood Otaku. Recording her adventures in this intriguing world of fantasy in reality. Cosplay is a world of adventures full of trial and error. A labor of love and hobby of sheer passion.

Tags: cosplay, lara novales, anime, otaku, crafts

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