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Dalagang Filipina
Statistics for Dalagang Filipina
**DISCLAIMER: all quotes/sayings posted HERE are not mine UNLESS otherwise stated..thanks :)

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Statistics for Deliberatelymom
confessions of a perfectly flawed woman, mom, librarian and a friend.

Tags: parenting, mother, mommy blog, filipina mom, nanay
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This is my Life....
Statistics for This is my Life....
A lifestyle blog of a woman, a daughter, a wife and a mom. This includes life in general and product reviews & giveaways.

Tags: family, parenting, lifestyle, women, home and living
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Statistics for, where you can always find the latest and greatest choices for men, women apparels, accessories and etc. with absolutely affordable price.

Tags: dress, shopthiseasy, accessories, women apparels, shopping
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JAPCHAE writes and blogs
Statistics for JAPCHAE writes and blogs
This is a miscellany blog. It contains short entries about volleyball sports,food,essays,books and the like.

Tags: women volleyball, food, books, essays, experience
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Quintessential Deidreamer
Statistics for Quintessential Deidreamer
I post about my outfit, beautiful places, make up, friends, family, personal, etc.

Tags: Daisha, Outfit, OOTD, Makeup, Filipina
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Statistics for Weblogerati
A commentary blog about life, love and relationships, politics, and current events in the Philippines.

Tags: love, politics, relationships, letting go, men and women
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From Nails to Makeup
Statistics for From Nails to Makeup
Fashion and beauty blog particulary nailart and make-up related.

Tags: nails, beauty, makeup, fashion, filipina
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Pretty Filipina Girls Blog
Statistics for Pretty Filipina Girls Blog
Online resource of profile and photos of Pinay celebrities, models and non-showbiz personalities

Tags: filipina, pinay, celebrity, models, non showbiz
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Mamma Maeia
Statistics for Mamma Maeia
A personal blog about a Filipina work-at-home mom and her experience as a freelancer, mountaineer, and a young mother.

Tags: filipina, wahm, baguio, work at home, freelance
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Pinay Mommies Community
Statistics for Pinay Mommies Community
Pinay Mommies Community (PMC) is a continuously growing community of Filipina mothers who consider blogging as a passion. We are dedicated to helping each other grow as bloggers through a multitude of fun activities.

Tags: Filipina Mommy Bloggers, Pinay Mommy Bloggers, Mommy Bloggers, Filipina Bloggers, Pinay Bloggers
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Style Tease
Statistics for Style Tease
A blog that every women can relate to. It shares the latest fashion trends, make-up advices, what's hot and what's not.

Tags: fashion, trends, style, women, lifestyle
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kidney stones in women
Statistics for kidney stones in women
How to detect, control and treat kidney stones in women - learn natural tweaks you can apply immediately to rid yourself of the pain. How Does This Work In Under 24 Hours?

Tags: kidney stones, symtoms, treatment, diagnosis, calcium stones
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Statistics for trishaxoxo
My blog feauters makeup hauls beuty tips

Tags: make up, beauty, personal, filipina, morena
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Statistics for Heartstrsings∞
This is princessoftheprincess of tumblr

Tags: photography, fashion, inspiration, typography, filipina blogger
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Iglesias de las Filipinas
Statistics for Iglesias de las Filipinas
The faith that built architectural treasures that Filipinos can be proud of.

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Filipina Wanderer
Statistics for Filipina Wanderer
My search for happiness. I write about Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Social Media, and Anything Filipino. I live life to the fullest. I create my happiness :)

Tags: filipino, food, travel, lifestyle, social media
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Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women
Statistics for Hair Loss Treatment For Men and Women
The hair laser treatment uses light therapy to apply light energy to your scalp. The low level lasers that are used in these procedures improve your scalp's cellular metabolism.

Tags: hair loss treatment, hairloss treatments, hair growth treatments, hair growth treatment, hair thinning treatment
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keeping it real :)

Tags: chivalrom, romluis, chivalry, girls
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A Filipina wife's Diary
Statistics for A Filipina wife's Diary
This Stay At Home Momma will be sharing to you her life experiences in this roller coaster ride of mommyhood... so fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!...^ ^,

Tags: Home and Living, Motherhood, Food and Drink, Photoblogs, Style
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The Clothes Muse
Statistics for The Clothes Muse
A regular working girl and certified book lover blogs about fashion, personal style, trends, inspirations and DIY crafts.

Tags: fashion inspiration, personal style, fashion trends, women's apparell, philippine fashion
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Statistics for Glamorousfilipina
This blog is all about fashion/luxury/vsmodels/some foods.The one who is owning this blog is Kristine.I make a fashion blog to know more about fashion/luxury/foods :)) I hope you can check my blog!xoxo

Tags: fashion, models, luxury, foods, make-ups
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bratinella stylista
Statistics for bratinella stylista
personal blog about fashion and product reviews

Tags: brattinella stylista, pretty jhenz, fashion, women, product reviews
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It is true that quality Filipina women are not easy to get. In fact, because of Philippine customs and traditions, they are shy and conservative. Filipina women are not liberal: they are imbued with Asian and Christian values.

Tags: best philipino dating,filipina wife
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Fashion Style Breaker - Fashion Blog
Statistics for Fashion Style Breaker - Fashion Blog
Fashion style breaker is the newest fashion blog and explain you what is fashion. You can get more fashion tips and beauty tips for both men and women.

Tags: fashion blog, fashion style, fashion tips, fashion for women, celebrity fashion
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Statistics for CherryPinkLumiere
CherryPinkLumiere is my colorful world of fantasy from my flight of fancy and world of reality that depicts my simple yet extraordinary life as a young artist. This blog is filled with my contributions in the world of art, fashion, food and many more. =)

Tags: Women, Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors, Nature
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Statistics for iamsupergrasya
Blog of Maria Grasya Lurzano: 21. Aries. Bibliophile. Music Addict. Loves Fashion So So Much. Singer. Dancer. Total Performer. Future Model lol x) GOD ~ FAMILY ~ FRIENDS Random thoughts about anything and everything here on earth and in HEAVEN.

Tags: Inspirational, Filipina, Quotes, iamsupergrasya, Gracia Lurzano
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Filipina Blog
Statistics for Filipina Blog
Photography, Fashion, Travel, Social Media, Entertainment. My Social Media Directory :)

Tags: photography, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment
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Models Wannabe
Statistics for Models Wannabe
"Models Wannabe" will feature random people who are NOT YET discovered or want more exposure and want to become a super model someday. Babies, men, women and even your pets are welcome to become a model here.

Tags: babies, kids, model, women, men
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My Sexy Pinay
Statistics for My Sexy Pinay
Largest fansite for Filipina celebrities, models and girls next door. View photo galleries of hot and sexy Pinays.

Tags: sexy pinay, hot girl, Filipina, models, celebrities
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Pinay Onlines
Statistics for Pinay Onlines
Home of the Sexiest Filipino Women Online

Tags: Pinay online, Model, Celebrity, Filipina, Sexy pinay
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Virtual Nurse
Statistics for Virtual Nurse
If the doctors are the life savers, then the nurses are the life's keepers. For me, being a nurse is such a great privilege because when you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours..

Tags: tagalog thoughts, random quotes, nursing life, love, Filipina
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Statistics for ItsTheZellWay
fashion diary of a twenteen-one year old girl ;)

Tags: girls, fashion tips, shopping, women, fashion issues
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Ava was here
Statistics for Ava was here
I write about the Philippines, its beaches, its food; and my travels.

Tags: travel, solo travel, backpacking women, fashion travel, philippine beaches
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Dress Etc
Statistics for Dress Etc
Making fashion affordable to everyone. Shop for cheap accessories, necklaces, tops, dresses and other stuff that you need in your wardrobe.

Tags: fashion, shopping, accessories, women's fashion, dress
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Statistics for wsrcphilippines
The Women Studies and Resource Center (WSRC) is a Davao-based non-stock, non-profit non-governmental institution that aims to empower the tri-people (lumads, Moro, and settlers) women of Mindanao through research, education and training and advocacy work

Tags: women studies and resource center, women empowerment, Empowering the tri-people women of, researches on women issues, researches on women workers issues
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The Filipina Reader
Statistics for The Filipina Reader
Let's talk about books!

Tags: Book Reviews, Philippines, Literature, Opinion
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The Escapist
Statistics for The Escapist
Come join me in walking the street of fashion, food and anything in between!

Tags: fashion, food, beauty, women, travel
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The Androgynous StreetWalker
Statistics for The Androgynous StreetWalker

Tags: personal, men & womens clothing, Entertainment, Reviews, travel and photography
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Statistics for theskinnystylista
A skinny stylista who loves fashion and inspires people thru it.

Tags: theskinnystylista, fashion, fashionblogger, filipina, skinny
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Fashionisto Trend
Statistics for Fashionisto Trend
Men and Women Fashion, Fashion Brands, Celebrity and Model Fashion, Ad Campaign, Magazine Cover

Tags: Magazine Cover, Men Fashion, Women Fashion, Celebrity Ad Campaign, Fashion Review
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Fashion and Beauty Blog
Statistics for Fashion and Beauty Blog
A blog which talks about fashion, beauty, health, and everything that a girl wants.

Tags: women, beauty, fashion, health, davao
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aQng Blog
Statistics for aQng Blog
This blog reflects who I am and what I am into in Life. I love writing and blogging and there are many new things about current events in the Philippines, parenting advice, love stories that you can be able to visit on my posts and pages. Thanks!

Tags: about love, baby, about Philippines, filipinas, parenting
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Statistics for pinayironmom
These are day to day dealings of a wife, mom, interior designer and tri-athlete. Hopefully this can motivate more women to swim, bike and run.

Tags: Swim, Bike, Run, Triathlon, Women
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Macky Says
Statistics for Macky Says
This is a blog about random rants, raves, and more randomness. This was made for the average Filipina beauty junkie on a budget. I'm a girl who loves makeup and art, so why not combine the two?

Tags: makeup, filipina makeup, tutorial, beauty, review
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Running Vibrant
Statistics for Running Vibrant
A personal blog that will take note on every challenges, learning and smiles, every taste discovered and every places I come across. A.K.A Project to Happiness

Tags: Filipina, joy, travel, food, self-growth
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Miss Chief
Statistics for Miss Chief
Miss Chief is a travel slash food slash fashion blog, run by Faith, a tiny girl from Cebu City.

Tags: traveling in the philippines, cebu blogger, food blogger, philippine blog, filipina wanderer
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Live As If You Like It
Statistics for Live As If You Like It
Life explained through great literary events and unforgettable stories.

Tags: Books, Pinoy, Women, Movies
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Statistics for SEXY AND FREE
A public diary of someone who loves sunsets, sand, books, fashion, shoes, kids.dogs, adventures. Blog of someone who is living to the fullest and existing to live beyond her comfort zone

Tags: women, fashion, trends, love, places
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Statistics for Beauté
I'm an aspiring make-up artist. Feel free to read, comment or suggest. MAKE-UP IS ART.

Tags: make-up, beauty, filipina, makeup
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