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CAFA Notes
Statistics for CAFA Notes
compilation of my lecture notes at the college of architecture and architecture board exams review notes and questions

Tags: architecture, board exams, review questions, buildings, environment
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Notes from the Choir
Statistics for Notes from the Choir
Personal Reflection, Thoughts on Life

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Statistics for LittleNars
Blog about Nursing and its stuff..:)

Tags: nursing, student nurse, reaction papers, nurse's notes, nursing board exam tips
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Maureen Manuel
Statistics for Maureen Manuel
My blog is about my daily inspirations, experiences and everything under the sun. Will give you tips on styling,from picking the right color to image development.

Tags: nationalism, fashion marketingnotes, fashion editorials, styling, photography
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Ako na lang sana
Statistics for Ako na lang sana
it's my online diary.

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Nowhereian Notes
Statistics for Nowhereian Notes
Gibberings of a twenty-something who works her butt off on a third world salary rate so she can travel (and eat her way around) the world.

Tags: travel, philippines, mountains, kapitolyo, food
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Statistics for NURSING NOTES

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Statistics for mypsychologynotes
An informative blog on anything about psychology. It's a free for all collection of notes and research, which is hoped to be helpful to the professional practice of psychology in the Philippines.

Tags: Filipino Psychologist, Child/Adolescent Psychology, Stress, Coping, Psychoeducation
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Novice Notes
Statistics for Novice Notes
This is a blog about pictures and places, food and fashion, experiences and entertainment, beauty and books, opinions and other stuff -- all from the eyes of a novice blogger.

Tags: Travel, Photography, Books, Experiences, Food
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Cherryblossom's Notes
Statistics for Cherryblossom's Notes
Blog about own composition of stories such fictional and story for lesson .

Tags: stories, fiction, cherryblossomsnotes
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Physics Student's Notes
Statistics for Physics Student's Notes
"Experiences in the Newtonian World of Einsteinian Physics Ruled by Frankenstein Logic"

Tags: Physics, Student, Notes, World, Experiences
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Ang Nasasakdal
Statistics for Ang Nasasakdal
Lahat tayo nagkasala, lahat tayo witness. Lahat tayo may opinyon, lahat tayo curious. Ang dami-dami nating may nalalaman. Pero mantakin mo, kaunti lang ang matapang. Ikaw, nakahinga ka na ba nang malalim? Kung oo, tara, simulan na ang paglilitis.

Tags: Tula, Sanaysay, Karanasan, Opinyon, Tunay na Buhay
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Statistics for USANA
USANA Health Sciences Philippines is a Multi-Level Marketing company that produces different nutrional supplements and skin care products. USANA's top goal is to provide and promote wellness through their healthy products.

Tags: usana philippines, usana products, usana nutritional supplements, usana health sciences, usana essentials
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Red Love Notes
Statistics for Red Love Notes
Get your regular dose of love tips, relationship advice, love letters, poems, sayings and quotes.

Tags: love tips, relationship advice, love poems, love letters, sayings and quotes
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Statistics for Vitanurse
Nursing Review Notes, Nursing Jobs, Nursing News and more.

Tags: Nursing, Lecture Notes, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Nursing Board Exam Result
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Legal Notes
Statistics for Legal Notes
Not so comprehensive study of Philippine laws

Tags: case digests, jurisprudence summary, bar exams, legal forms, law subjects
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Lesson learn : Hindi ka dpat nanghihinayang sa mga bagay na ginagawa mo ..piliin mo ung kung san ka masaya kung san ka komportable para pag dating ng huli hndi ka mag sisisi sa desisyong ginawa mo :))

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Shine-Nhing Notes
Statistics for Shine-Nhing Notes
The walk of life of a proud Filipina.. exciting travel.. food.. photos.. and almost everything and anything under the sun.

Tags: pinoy, travel, food, photos, philippines
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Dugo Ang Panulat
Statistics for Dugo Ang Panulat
Dugo Ang Panulat ay isang blog ng tula/sanaysay/dagli/maikling kwento. Kalimitan ng mga post dito ay progresibo, pagpukol sa inutil na gobyerno..

Tags: About Politics, Poems/Tula, Essay/Sanaysay, Maikling kwento/Dagli
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Techy Notes
Statistics for Techy Notes
The country's newest tech review site

Tags: phone, latest, laptop, ipad, iphone
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Nowherian Notes
Statistics for Nowherian Notes
Gibberings of a twenty-something who works her butt off on a third world salary rate so she can travel (and eat her way around) the world.

Tags: travel philippines, kapitolyo, mountains, food, stormtrooper
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Read Notes and News
Statistics for Read Notes and News
Read notes and everything that will fit your needs

Tags: read notes and news, create website, image, poem, money online
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Notes and Letters
Statistics for Notes and Letters
Anything goes here. reviews, feedback and personal stuff.

Tags: notes, life, love, music
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Bitsy Notes
Statistics for Bitsy Notes
Mini Blog

Tags: humor, random, quotes, life, love
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A little bit of everything ;)
Statistics for A little bit of everything ;)
This blog is all about fitness, healthy living, wellness,music, news and current events, sports & everything under the sun... simply, a little bit of everything.

Tags: Philippines, schedules, race, running, Adination of Runners, cancer, marathon, running events, takbo, business, marketing, USANA, philippines, proudly pinoy
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A Field Engineer's Notes
Statistics for A Field Engineer's Notes
Engineer's eNotebook for various Electronic equipment trouble

Tags: cisco, routers, modems, Microwave radio, Fiber Optic cable
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Nikka's Notes
Statistics for Nikka's Notes
A travel, photography, and lifestyle blog by Nikka Corsino

Tags: nikka corsino, photography, travel, lifestyle, destinations
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Statistics for aegistechnotes
Aegistechnotes is intended for exploration and education in cable television technology.

Tags: cable television
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Statistics for Napakapersonal
mga sanaysay at tula tungkol sa buhay

Tags: napakapersonal, personal essay, sanaysay, tula, personal na sanaysay
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Statistics for GENSANarium
Life and living in General Santos City and in the surrounding provinces...

Tags: General Santos City, Travel, SOCCSKSARGEN, Lifestyle, GENSANarium
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Notes & Thoughts
Statistics for Notes & Thoughts
This is to share some information and thoughts on various topics.

Tags: Social Media, Inspirational, God, Love, Tips
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Building True Health and True Wealth
Statistics for Building True Health and True Wealth
sharing USANA's vision of True Health and True Wealth

Tags: USANA Health Sciences, Nutritional Products, Home-based Business, Health and Wellness, Vitamins and Supplements
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Statistics for BlancNotes
A woman's lifestyle blog that features just about anything and everything that might interest a mom, a food lover, a travel enthusiast, a bargain hunter, a fashion finder, a book lover and even a health buff and a beauty fanatic.

Tags: fashion, bargains, food, travel, health news
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Statistics for RNspeak
RNSpeak is a community composed of different professional registered nurses in various fields under the umbrella of the Nursing profession. View our Free Nursing Care Plan, Pathophysiology,Drug study ,RN Heals, NLE Result,Nursing Blog and much more..

Tags: Nursing journal, Care Plan,NLE Results,HAAD,, medical trivia,Case Study,NCLEX,, Health information,Blog for Nurses,, Job for Nurses,Tips,Notes
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Statistics for luisanastacio-ph
Personal lifestyle, fashion, and events blog.

Tags: Fashion, Lifestyle, Events, Life, Adventure
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Notes of an Imperfect Christian
Statistics for Notes of an Imperfect Christian
A collection of “painfully honest” questions, realizations and rantings from a life observer unashamed to admit that he is still struggling to know God and His will and what being a Christian really means.

Tags: w3bservant, Imperfect Christian, Christianity, practical Christian living, jilscams
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Statistics for idyordnal
of contemporary sanaysay, perhaps anecdotal essays, of course, worth reading!

Tags: sanaysay, personal, humor
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fully games,softwares and articles
Statistics for fully games,softwares and articles
Here you will get all the best latest and free games, softwares, helpfull articles and also many educational notes also web designing tutorials and all the info of tech world

Tags: Free Games, Best Articles, Web designing, Notes, Free Softwares
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Tithamz Notes
Statistics for Tithamz Notes
Notes About What William Gumanoy Thinks

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Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon
Statistics for Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon
Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon is an ABS-CBN series which stars Bea Alonzo playing dual roles named Emmanuelle, a feisty lawyer; and Rose, a woman accused of a crime she did not commit. SBPAK airs nightly starting June 16, 2014

Tags: sana bukas pa ang kahapon, bea alonzo, abs-cbn, paulo avelino, pinoy teleserye
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Pinoy Replay Dito
Statistics for Pinoy Replay Dito
this blog not intened due to copyright replaydito is very nice niche of replay episode of teleserye

Tags: Ikaw lamang replay, sana bukas pa ang kahapon replay, pure love replay, be careful with my heart replay, hawak kamay replay
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Statistics for jyinotes
Mas romantic pag paper and pencil. A man with God is always in the majority

Tags: jyinotes, jyiquotes, jyiloveadvice, jyitography, jyi
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Statistics for tradersnotes
<to be updated>

Tags: Investing
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Wika at Literatura
Statistics for Wika at Literatura
Tungkol sa Wikang Filipino at Mga Koleksyon ng Literatura- Maikling Kwento, Tula, Nobela, Alamat, Kwentong Pambayan, Pabula, Bugtong, Parabula

Tags: Maikling Kwento, Tulla, Pabula, Alamat, Sanaysay
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Notes of a Dirty Old Mountaineer
Statistics for Notes of a Dirty Old Mountaineer
A collection of outdoor stories from the perspective of a Filipino wilderness survival fanatic with particular focus on self-reliance and the pursuit of a higher meaning on the recreation.

Tags: hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, mountains, philippines
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Harm's link notes
Statistics for Harm's link notes
My short compilation of anything that comes in my mind usually encoded from my notepad,written on my notebook and sticky notes.

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The Ugly Writers
Statistics for The Ugly Writers
It's a haven for writers and readers alike to have a place to read and write just about anything.

Tags: uglywriters, taciturn notes, poetry, short stories, book reviews
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Gamis Syari Terbaru
Statistics for Gamis Syari Terbaru
Jual Berbagai Busana dan Gamis Syari Terbaru dengan harga terjangkau untuk pesta, untuk lebaran, untuk pengantin, untuk hajatan dengan desain model terupdate dan kekinian.

Tags: jual gamis, jual busana, jual baju, jual pakaian, gamis syari
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Jual Gamis Syari Terbaru
Statistics for Jual Gamis Syari Terbaru
Jual Berbagai Busana dan Gamis Syari Terbaru dengan harga terjangkau untuk pesta, untuk lebaran, untuk pengantin, untuk hajatan dengan desain model terupdate dan kekinian.

Tags: Jual Gamis, Jual Baju, Gamis Syari, Busana Muslim, Gamis Pria
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Random Notes From Religion
Statistics for Random Notes From Religion
This is the formerly "Cats and Dogs Theology". I don't want to make it dogmatic so I make it straight to the point of note taking. Not representing either type of religious groups. These are simply notes from the pulpit of different churche

Tags: Messages, Fundandementals of Faith, Religion, Christianity, Note Taking
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